Spotter Up Review: GPCA – GP1945

A pen is a pen is a pen, right? False. Patently False. Especially when the pen you are talking about might just save your life. Enter the GP1945. Named to commemorate the year that World War II ended. When Hitler and his regime of Nazi thugs and Axis powers were finally toppled. One glance at the GP1945 and you can tell it’s different. This bolt action pen’s mechanism doesn’t look like every other pen out there, the sleek titanium or black aluminum finishes exude refinement. The cut out underneath it’s two stage clip hints at you that this pen is meant for more. Indeed it is.


I have examined the GP1945 in it’s entirety in a video review. For the full rundown, check it out.

The abridged version of my opinion is this: it’s good. It’s really good. It could have a bigger ink cartridge, but, I understand why it doesn’t.

The GP1945  has the following features:

Titanium ($99.00) or Aluminum ($49.00) construction

The TC4 grade Titanium  version weighs in at around 2.0 oz. The Aluminum version weighs in at 1.4 oz.

Spring loaded bolt action pen

Finger grooves with built in measurement device

Tungsten Carbide glass breaker

Multi tone survival whistle

GPCA has produced a high quality product with these pens that leaves me filled with anticipation thinking about what their next product in their 2018 EDC lineup will be.

To learn more about the GP1945 and purchase one, click here.  GPCA™ is a product development firm based in San Francisco Bay Area. Found in 2015, with past experience working with top automotive brands such as Mercedes, Audi, and Jeep. GP stands for General Purpose, We as General Purpose California develop authentic top-tier products for adventurists and adventurists in soul.

Let’s rate this puppy.

Functionality: 5/5

Every part of this pen that could have a use does. There is no wasted real estate on it.

Weight: 5/5

Prefer a heavy pen? Go titanium. Want a light pen? Go with aluminum. You have options.

Price Point: 4/5

Can you find other products on the market similar to the GP1945? Sure. Are they as well crafted or made of the same extremely durable materials? No.

Durability: 5/5

These pens are made of tough metals. GPCA even helps to preserve them by providing a protective sleeve.

Comfort (If Applicable): 4/5

The edges on the finger grooves do a great job of ensuring that the pen stays put in your hand. The edges are just rough enough to ensure that if you didn’t calluses on your fingers, by the time you got done writing a page with these pens, you would.

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Poor/unacceptable (1): Worse than expected, or desirable; of a low or inferior standard or quality.
Fair (2): In conformity with reasonable expectations, but in comparison to competitors is may be deficient
Average (3): Common item; item neither lacks from or is superior than a competitors item.
Good (4): The item is desirable and has qualities that excel in comparison to a competitors item
Excellent (5): Outstanding, possesses superior quality; remarkably good

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By Bill Farmer

Bill Farmer is a 12 year law enforcement veteran He is a defensive tactics, tactical driving and active shooter instructor. Bill has worked in school resource, violent crimes, plain clothes and patrol assignments. Bill is an avid outdoorsman, backpacker, hunter and shooter.

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