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Pentagon Tactical Rogue Jeans

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Pentagon started making and selling “military clothing and accessories” in Germany in 1991, the same year I was born. According to the bio on their website, they’ve spent the meantime selling gear and researching their competition while developing ways to make military gear better, more comfortable, and out of more high-tech fabrics and materials. I received the Pentagon jeans from Military1st 

It seems that in recent years, they’ve quietly amassed a deep catalog of gear from gloves and hats to jackets, pants, and full military uniforms. They even have their own proprietary camouflage: PentaCamo, which looks to be in the same family as Crye Precision’s MultiCam pattern.

Anyway, this is a review of the first pair of jeans they’ve released, “designed and constructed for tactical purpose, but keeping in mind the aesthetic of a casual fitting jeans if you want to blend in.” Check out this dramatic video for a 360-degree view and not much else.

I was a little leary when I was asked to review a pair of non-skinny, non-stretchy jeans with a straight-leg fit, but I have a weak spot for pants with lots of low-profile storage, so I decided to buckle down and do it.

Glam shot.

It took me a bit to figure out when I could wear these without freaking out my friends or scaring my co-workers, and, most importantly, when I’d not be around women (I live in Miami, it’s harder than you think) — with my luck, I’d wear straight-leg tactical blue jeans on the day I meet my true love and she’d look at my pants juxtaposed against my luxuriously long and thin body and just turn away.

But I rolled around in them in the lawn, took them to the range a couple times, and even wore them to work on a slow Thursday on the dock. With boots and a long-sleeve shirt, they don’t look bad on me.

WHAT: Pentagon Tactical Sportswear Rogue jeans in indigo blue. They run true to size and don’t weigh any more than regular jeans. Stone-washed for a light fade front and back, they feature a diamond crotch for some flexibility and space for your bits. The Rogue jeans have two magazine pockets (AR size) in the hip pockets and two magazine pockets (AR) above the back pockets, as well as a slit on one leg that fits a pistol magazine. It’s good to note that you can easily toss a pistol mag into each of the hip pockets without standing out.

Diamond crotch: space for activities.

WHEN: For use in your daily gunfight, at work, on the range, and out and about. They’re slightly more overt than regular jeans, because they have more pockets, but no normie is going to notice.

WHERE: Over your legs.

HOW: Get the size you normally wear, if you’re carrying a gun, maybe consider going one inch larger on the waist size. And use a belt, these pants have a ton of belt loops and they’re built to last.

Heavy duty loops

PRACTICAL APPLICATION: These jeans are thick and supple (like your mom). They’re quite comfortable, like ripstop pants, but don’t expect them to stretch — they won’t. If you take the time to break them in, I can see them being a pretty great daily-driver jean for the tactical dad, the Carhartt guys, blue collar dudes, and the shop guys who don’t mind getting a little greasy and need the extra storage in their pants. Don’t overfill the pockets or bear AR mags if you plan on blending in in public.

An AR mag sits about an inch lower in the pocket than shown in this photo.

I am not used to wearing blue jeans, jeans that don’t hug my body, or jeans that don’t stretch, so I was very at-home in these pants, but I have to say these are comfortable, a good blend of function and style, and actually quite durable.

A quick note on care: do not wash your denim, but if you have to, do it with vinegar to help the dye set and to maximize the life of the pants. Do not ever put jeans in the dryer, just hang-dry them, please.

These pants get my stamp of approval, but I’m going to give them to my tailor for modification (potentially into jorts) this week.

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