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Sales Page Advertisement Space

ADVERTISE-300x300Advertising – If you are interested in becoming one of our advertisers either:

  1. Email and put “Advertising” in the subject line. Spotter Up will send a response.
  2. Another option is to purchase advertising through our online store. Click on the link
  3. Contact us via phone at (408-206-8385)

Any of these options will get our attention and we will respond with direction on how to submit your URL and Picture File for the banner ad. We will only support advertisers that meet our rigid criteria. We want our customers to have confidence in our brand and in yours as well. If you believe there can be synergy, please contact us. We will not give a personal endorsement to an advertiser solely to take money from them; if your ad is on display it’s because we accept the best.

We have 300  x 250 px and 350  x 100 px banner space available for different lengths of time. Our rates are a flat fee and we do not sell our top positions for more money. Advertising done on a rotational basis gives your brand the ability to stand out.

We do not charge per click or impression. We charge a flat rate to display your banner for a fixed amount of time. We do not guarantee any amount of traffic.

Option 1) 300  x 250 px

1 Year (12 months) for only $1200 (Just $100 per month)

6 Months for only $690.00 (Just $115.00 per month)

3 Months for only $390.00 (Just $130.00 per month)


Option 2) 350  x 100 px

1 Year (12 months) for only $300 (Just $25.00 per month)

6 Months for only $210.00 (Just $35.00 per month)

3 Months for only $135.00 (Just $45.00 per month)


In your email to please submit a description of your ad, what Web page (URL) you would like to link, and what advertising terms you are applying for. We will notify you within 2-4 days. Payment can be received via credit card or check.

Your ad will go live once your payment has been received and cleared. There are no guarantees on the amount of traffic that will be sent to your business. We recommend changing your ad from time to time and we can manually change it if we are provided a link to your creative department.