Densely assembled groups of potential victims, easy physical access to the facility, and a large number of news-hungry journalists and photographers who will certainly broadcast the terrorists’ handiwork to the outside world. But all these pale in comparison to the biggest gift of all to that aspiring terrorist – the typical team owner’s utter indifference to the prospect of a terrorist attack.

In my contacts with professional sports organizations, I have encountered exactly zero enthusiasm for protecting fans, athletes and staff from a catastrophe that could dwarf the 9/11 death toll. Red Legion Security Force isn’t the only security firm comprised of Veteran Special operations personnel. The professional sports industry isn’t naive about market research. They could easily identify a world-class security force by tomorrow morning. In fact they probably already have. Do they intend to wait until after the tragedy to employ them? Are they entitled to a freebie? Sports franchises have a duty of care for actual, not cosmetic security. Anything less is Russian Roulette on a grand scale.american-football-294583_960_720-750x400

I couldn’t help but keep an eye on these things, ever since my time spent in the Army’s Special Operations 75th Ranger Regiment. We would conduct hundreds of anti-terror and counter terror operations. We hunted down and caught only the top 10 most wanted terrorists in the world. We are very aware of their process of thinking and their resolve, but more importantly, they are very much aware of America’s resolve too. My academic background is in homeland security, terrorism, emergency management and human behavior. I’ve studied these franchise’s security practices. I got to be honest: it does not look good for the fans.

Professional sports franchise owners have not contracted with security organizations that presents any significant obstacle to terrorist attacks. In my hometown security organizations at our stadiums would be unable to provide meaningful resistance during a terrorist attack of any kind.That’s not ok with me, nor is it good enough for my family. Although I’m a huge sports fan and a former collegiate All American athlete in two sports my wife and I do not attend, nor do we permit our children to attend

NFL, MLB, or NBA franchise games. It just nauseates me that our team owners are cheerfully endangering OTHER people’s children and families with inadequate security from top to bottom. It is essentially a counterfeit of security, a fraud and a dangerous game that they are playing with thousands of lives at stake.Cowboys-security-768x507

Typically, franchise owners hire a retired police officer to be head of security. They will get along well with local police chief and commanders, they will keep the franchise’s management out of trouble. He will know awfully close to zero about real terrorism preventative measures. He’ll manage a force of temp workers making minimum wage or close to it. Some of the temps are barely ambulatory, due to orthopedic or cardiovascular disabilities, or obesity. They are unarmed without any relevant training or situational awareness. The terrorist would move through the facility leaving a wake of carnage behind.

Eventually a few valiant police officers or SWAT members would organize and move into interdict. Maybe the police will end the massacre, maybe not. Maybe the terrorist stakes another 500 people with him first by clacking off a suicide vest in the middle of the frantic and terrified crowd running for the exits. There would be a very real similarity of injuries like that of the attacks in the Brussels airport. There would be people missing legs arms and body parts all over everyone and in the surrounding areas. The paramedics and coroners would be called to process the carnage. The news reporters would have their field day and report the massacre worldwide and the terrorists will yet again win due to our complacency.

Luckily, attendance at ballgames is voluntary. We as fans don’t HAVE to go. We can watch the games on TV. We have the power to demand change. The burden lies with the franchise owners. Make an effort to secure protect families with qualified professionals or we will not show up to your games anymore till you do. Simple.




Picture from the Dallasnews.com





About The Author

Mr. Carlos Stinson is a veteran of the U.S. Special Operations Community as a member of the elite 75th Ranger Regiment. He has studied and become a survival expert in Urban & Coppice Environments. In the course of his first enlistment, he performed close to a 1000 missions, with most directed against specific high value targets. Rangers deployed every 8 months after an “intense” yearly pre-deployment training cycle. The Founder of Red Legion Security Force has been to Iraq twice and Afghanistan twice. All Red Legion operators are experienced veterans of the U.S. Army’s elite 75th Ranger Regiment and SFOD “Delta”, whose standard is unparalleled mission execution and professionalism. http://www.redlegionsecurityforce.com/

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