Alright man. Let’s discuss something that dudes need. We need underwear and it should look good and feel good because we do stuff! Should you care? You should care because you have to wear them all day, unless you are going commando! The Tactical Distributors Don’t Tread on Me (DTOM) briefs are great for wearing around the house and shouting, “I am the king of all that I survey!” Stick your chest out, put hand on your hip, and drink your hot coffee. Try not to burn yourself.

So where do we begin? Back in the day there weren’t many choices. Consumers got the choice of white and not more than that. Times have changed a lot and dudes now have many options available to them. The underwear industry has changed with the times and I’m glad that they did. There is nothing worse than trying to do something active and not being able to prevent underwear from creeping up your butt crack.

For shooters, backpackers, hikers, runners, etc. we should have briefs that look good and that perform well. Today there are many cutting edge labels, and high-end stores carrying high-end briefs.  Hanes, and Fruit of the Loom dominated the market for decades but most of what was offered wasn’t great for the active male, and simply didn’t look good. Yes, we want cool, or everyone would be wearing white.

I like the DTOM briefs. Whenever I rate clothing it must meet my criteria. Is it functional, affordable, stylish, light-weight, and is it durable?  Is it comfortable?

Functional, Weightless and Durable. Check your fit.

Let’s just say that cotton isn’t the best material to wear in wet weather. Poly blends are best because the fabric must wick and dry or the consumer isn’t going to like the chaffing effect along the groin lines, and elsewhere. The fabric should allow the wearer to perspire properly. Discomfort has a way of distracting the wearer’s focus on the task at hand, and instead moves it to the ill-fitting briefs. Not a good deal.

The DTOM briefs are breathable and lightweight. They are made out of 87% Polyester and 13% Elastan which makes them quick-drying. Elastan is a synthetic fiber known for its exceptional elasticity. Polyester fabrics are highly stain-resistant and they are high water, wind and environmental resistant compared to plant-derived fibers.

They don’t take up a lot of drawer space. The briefs have a “Flip Top” fly opening pocket in the front that can be pulled down. The backside of the briefs are separate from the material used to make up the material for the thighs. The manufacturer also uses a seamless flat lock stitching. This stitching lays flat, so it doesn’t irritate because of that, and the clean placement of the stitching smartly allows material to cover you in the best places. Of note: A gusset will provide more support to your nether-regions and grant more air flow particularly in humid climates. Extra room prevents chaffing too. I would have liked a basket-weaved gusset beneath the groin because it allows more material to spread across the legs and the thighs but its not a deal breaker when buying these. It is sufficient for most active wearing.

The briefs fit on me but you should check your size to ensure you get the best fit. Too tight and it will bunch up, ride up your legs or cut off circulation. Tighter fits will make you feel a bit warmer and you need air flow to keep yourself cool. Go a size up if you can because you want to reduce overheating when doing very active events.  The cut is good and doesn’t feel like wearing a pair of underwear backwards as it does with other ill made briefs.


The DTOM briefs look super cool. You don’t want briefs that are too tight or too loose when you are admiring yourself in the mirror. The briefs will come down about mid-thigh in comparison to some briefs that go far down the thigh. I don’t like briefs that are constantly riding up the thigh, nor will you.

The briefs are $18.00. It seems pricey but compare the cost to brands like Max Wheldons for $26.00 or Tommy John’s for $22.00. These are within the same price as anything REI sells for $18.00-$26.00. Higher performing briefs have mesh-cool zones, no rolling waistbands. These look good and they perform too.
I like these. They look good, fit nicely and will keep you cool, fresh and comfortable feeling when you’re exercising. Use them for cycling, running or hiking. The price is within normal range, the fit and function are very reasonable. I would like a natural fabric polyu blend. My only dislike is the briefs are made in China. *Sigh*. Give the TD DTOMs are try. I think you’ll like them.
Cost 4/5
Function 5/5
Durability 4/5
Weight 5/5
Style 5/5
Overall 23/25

Made from the same 4 way stretch breathable moisture wicking material as the TD Shooter Shirt.  Keeps you dry while battling the gym or day to day missions.

  • Breathable
  • 4 Way Stretch
  • Seamless Flat Lock Stitch
  • No Ride Design
  • “Flip Top” Fly Opening
  • Quick Dry Fabric
  • Made For Warriors

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