Ask any owner of a “Halo” Charging Ring for the SW22 Victory pistol is a they’ll say it’s a MUST modification.

The Tandemkross “Halo” charging ring allows you to quickly charge your Victory pistol and it’s the ultimate solution for anyone shooting rimfire/steel-challenge for time or someone with low grip strength. The “Halo” ring can be installed or removed by anyone in a few seconds with a single allen-screw (allen wrench included).

For timed/match shooters the “Halo” provides rapid and consistent operation for charging the firearm and clearing malfunctions. Without the “Halo” you won’t have as firm of a grip on the rear bolt and you will expend much more effort/time for a simple task.

At $44.99 it’s moderately priced but it’s worth every penny. I initially thought I would only acquire one if my wife would be shooting the Victory and with me at 190lbs 6′ 4″ I didn’t think the “Halo” would really help me out. Obviously I’ was wrong.

I’ve seen supervised 8-12 year old kids operate this quickly like a pro with zero issues, where as without it I KNOW they would be struggling.

You can find the “Halo” Charging Ring included in Tandemkross’s “RaceGun Kit” as well as purchasing it standalone.

As always, you can go to Tandemkross’s blog for great installation and “how to” videos of all their products.

#Tandemized SW22 “Victory” pistol including “Halo” Charging Ring


Offered in silver or black, precision cut for the rear-serrations on your SW22 Victory.


Installed “Halo” Ring, single allen-screw for install/removal


It’s easy to say that if you own a Victory pistol I recommend this as one of your first purchases, you won’t regret it. The “Halo” is also made by Tandemkross for your Ruger MK Series!

“halo” Charging Ring for the Smith & Wesson SW22 Victory $34.99 click to purchase.



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  1. Richard

    I click on the 34.99 sale price but it is not appearing in the shopping cart. I want to purchase it and the Game Changer Compensator for 34.99.


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