Wed. Jul 15th, 2020

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Review of TANDEMKROSS “VictoryPRO” Extended Base Pads and “Maximus” Plus1 Followers for S&W’s .22 Victory Target Pistol

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On the growing list of awesome Tandemkross products available for your Smith and Wesson “Victory” .22 Target Pistol are the  “VictoryPRO” Extended Base Pads and “Maximus” Plus1 Followers.

The “VictoryPRO” Extended Base Pads provide increased surface area to grab onto when performing mag changes, which aides in consistency/speed. When grabbing a magazine from a belt or a table I always have a thumb alongside the basepad, factory Victory mags are just too thin to get it right every time when moving at a fast tempo. Comparison shown below.

The “Maximus” Plus1 Followers are simple, they allow you to seat one additional .22 round in the magazine and are very easy to install. You can always go to Tandemkross’s blog for great installation and “how to” videos of all their products.

The Plus1 Follower did fix a feeding issue I had with one of my factory SW Victory magazines, I singled out as always the culprit. I may of been just unlucky and got a bad follower from them factory, I took it out it appeared to be slightly taller than my other factory followers. Not worried now since Plus1 fixed the issue.

You can find the Extended Basepads included in Tandemkross’s “RaceGun Kit” as well as purchasing them by themselves. The +1 followers are sold alone in pairs as well.

Installed Extended Basepads on #Tandemized SW22 Victory


Prior to install (thin mag basepads)


Tandemkross  Extended Basepads , $21.99 for a pair.


Tandemkross +1 Followers, $19.99 for a pair.


Left: Installed    Right:Factory


Variation in amount of follower exposed from magazine body. No issues with +1’s.


Overall, the Tandemkross Extended Base Pads and +1 Followers are an affordable and easy to install modification which improves consistency and capacity for your SW22 Victory.

I would recommend grabbing a pair of each and see what you think, I’ll definitely be running these options on all 4 mags I’ve got!