Wed. Oct 23rd, 2019

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Madness and Fragility

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“There is madness in pursuing the past but a greater hell awaits men without courage and a vision, or the objectivity to stand back and understand what he must pursue. Men also with a wide-ranging emotionality will find themselves judged, cursed and crushed for their intelligence and honesty in a world of declining values, declining manliness, declining desires of achieving a worthy place in the world. At times he will be injured because of his sensitivity, and because of men who do not truly dare to have a real thought of their own but he should never stop trying to become a fully developed person. Attempting to truly live means he will also experience tremendous shocks to the soul, shocks that wound men severely. The delicate instrument of love will close off some of his injuries from further insult but he must have enough bravery to see the operation through. Wandering, questioning, doubting, unbelieving and believing, coming, going, dying and growing. Where men ultimately and intimately suffer is in lacking the courage to honestly pursue the path to the gift they know is waiting for them because in truth they know the measure of their fragility.”~Michael Kurcina

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