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In a close-quarters lethal-force encounter, we may not have the time or ability to deploy our firearm. And what if carrying a firearm is not an option? Many opt to carry a knife. But along with carrying a knife, one must be able to be able to deploy and use it effectively.

Regiment Blades Knives

For those of you who may not be familiar with them, Regiment Blades knives are specialized tools designed for personal defense, with a focus on instinctive movement. The innovative design of the knives is the result of expert collaboration between combatives instructors Al and Nico Salvitti and input from former U.S. Army Special Forces operators. The knives are tailored to integrate seamlessly with the instinctual reactions of its wielder, requiring no complex training. This means you can deploy it effectively under stress without needing to remember complicated technique.

Regiment Blades currently offers three different knives — Low Viz Pro fixed blade, Auto Lock Folder and Low Viz G10 Non-Metallic fixed blade. In this article we will take a look at the Auto Lock Folder and the Low Viz G10.

All Regiment Blades knives feature a large (winter glove capable) tear-dropped shaped finger ring positioned similar to a trigger guard on a pistol. Along with the other features of the knives, this finger ring provides an exceptionally secure grip and aids in retention. The patented design facilitates knife-to-gun transitions while retaining control of the knife. You get full use of your knife hand to perform tasks without having to let go of the knife. The size of the finger ring (you can fit two fingers in it) mitigates the potential safety concerns of many ringed knives (e.g., a broken finger or degloving injury).

The knives have a grip angle that mirrors that of a pistol. The grip angle aligns and stabilizes the arm, forearm, and wrist into the strongest position in a forward grip for improved strike mechanics, powerful strikes, and increased tip-to-target acquisition.

It also lends itself to use with a reverse grip, providing enhanced grip and reach when compared to conventional knives. By utilizing natural body mechanics, the ergonomic design is also exceptionally comfortable and well-balanced in the hand.

Regiment Blades Auto Lock Folder

Regiment Blades Auto Lock Folder™ has all the outstanding features of its fixed-blade brothers but with the convenience of a folder. The Auto Lock Folder has the same overall dimensions when open as the Regiment Blades Low Viz Pro™ fixed-blade knife. In fact, you can carry the Auto Lock Folder locked open in a standard Regiment Blades sheath (available separately) in the same manner as one of the company’s fixed blades. It gives you options.

Regiment Blades Auto Lock Folder is designed to give you the edge. Designed for shooters by shooters, it leverages existing skills.

The Auto Lock Folder features a single-edged 2.75-inch partially serrated spear point blade made of 8Cr14MoV stainless steel with matte black titanium nitride (TiN) finish, 3-inch contoured handle, injection molded scales with squared surface edges to help prevent grip from twisting inside your hand and aggressive jimping on the bottom of the rear of the hilt. The handle has a thumb rest relief for additional control. Like its fixed blade brothers, the handle has an angular butt. With the blade closed, the knife can be It can be employed as a less lethal impact weapon or used to break glass. 

Regiment Blades Auto Lock Folder is perfect for EDC pocket carry. The clip is reversible for right- or left-hand tip-up carry.

8Cr14MoV is a high-carbon, high-chromium stainless steel variant that offers a good balance of strength, corrosion resistance, and edge retention. It’s part of the CrMoV (Chromium Molybdenum Vanadium) family of steels, known for their durability and wear resistance.

With a composition that includes 0.7%-0.8% carbon and 13%-14.5% chromium, 8Cr14MoV is often compared to AUS-8 steel, offering similar performance at a more affordable price point. This steel is particularly popular in the manufacture of budget-friendly yet reliable knives, where it provides a sharp edge and decent toughness, making it especially popular with those who require a dependable blade without breaking the bank.

The black titanium nitride (TiN) finish is a form of Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) coating that involves the deposition of thin layers of titanium nitride onto a substrate, giving it a distinctive black color. This finish is known for its high hardness, exceptional wear resistance, and ability to reduce friction.

The Auto Lock Folder features a robust push-button plunge lock with an automatic secondary lock button that locks the plunge lock. It’s simple, reliable, exceptionally strong, and easy to use. The knife will not unintentionally close. The “Auto” in the name refers to the locking mechanism. It’s not an automatic knife.

The lock button, liners, internal push rod, and pocket clip are all machined stainless steel featuring a black oxide coating. The pocket clip is reversible for right- or left-hand tip up carry. The clip is quite beefy..

Reigiment Blades Auto Lock Folder features a robust push-button plunge lock with an automatic secondary lock. It cannot close unintentionally.

The finger ring on the Auto Lock Folder also serves to deploy the blade, which pivots on bronze washers for smooth opening and closing. Although you can oprn the knife like a traditional flipper, Al Salvitti doesn’t flip it open. Instead, he fans it open like a “gunfighter” fans a sixgun in a Western film. The blade has dual studs that serve as a blade stop. Although they look like ambidextrous thumb studs, they aren’t for opening the knife. The blade locks solidly upon opening with absolutely no blade play.

If you’re looking for a folder for personal defense, you need look no further than the Auto Lock Folder.

Regiment Blades Low Viz G10 Non-Metallic

Regiment Blades Low Viz G10 Non-Metallic is a G10 version of the Low Viz Pro fixed blade. It has all of the same great features but is designed to have a completely non-metallic signature. G10 is a good choice for non-permissive environments. It’s also non-corrosive and can withstand extreme environmental conditions, such as prolonged exposure to salt water.

The Low Viz G10 features a full tang, single-edged 2.75-inch spear point blade made of Black G10, 3-inch contoured handle, injection molded scales with squared surface edges to help prevent grip from twisting inside your hand and aggressive jimping at the spine and on the bottom of the rear of the hilt.

G10 is a high-pressure fiberglass laminate, a type of composite material that is renowned for its strength and durability. It’s created by stacking multiple layers of glass cloth, soaking them in epoxy resin, and then compressing the resulting material under heat until the epoxy cures. This process results in a robust and resilient material that is ideal for various applications, including the construction of covert knives. G10 is also relatively lightweight.

G10 is particularly valued in knife making for its non-metallic properties, which make it a preferred choice for non-metallic concealable knives. Despite its strength, a G10 knife is not designed for cutting; instead, it’s intended to be point-driven. The Low Viz G10 doesn’t have a cutting edge. Users should note that any edge on a G10 knife will not hold after several uses, but this does not compromise its effectiveness as a defensive tool. Repeated striking or hitting bone will most likely result in the tip breaking, which is normal and not a defect. The Low Viz G10 will still remain effective as a defensive tool.

Regiment Blades Low Viz G10 Non-Metallic is designed for non-permissive environments. There is no metallic signature to set off metal detectors.

The Low Viz G10 offers three end-user configurable grip options. It comes with injection-molded square edge grips and plastic fasteners. These grips can be easily removed to create a flat, low-profile carry option. With the grips removed, the end user also has the option to wrap the flat handle with paracord for a customized grip (paracord for wrapping is not included).

If the user prefers to carry the Low Viz G10 with the molded grips, it’s strongly recommended to remove them and apply SuperGlue Gel on the back of the grips and fasteners before reinstalling. This will help secure the grips and fasteners when striking, ensuring a firm and reliable grip. Once this option is chosen and the SuperGlue Gel is applied, it’s not reversible.

The Low Viz G10 comes with a molded KYDEX® fold-over (taco-style) friction-fit sheath. The sheath is very compact and lightweight, making it suitable for carrying in a pocket or purse. This flexibility allows the user to have the tool readily accessible at all times. The sheath is completely non-metallic.

One of the unique features of this sheath is an additional hole that has been incorporated into its design. This hole is intended for threading a paracord (included) through. By weaving and tying the paracord through the hole, users can adjust the tension of the sheath. The paracord can also be used for static line carry. The use of a static line provides flexibility in where you carry your knife and provides low visibility options in addition to traditional carry.

Final Thoughts

Design, materials, and workmanship on all Regiment Blades products are top-notch. Regiment Blades knives offer a unique combination of features that could prove a lifesaver. The Auto Lock Folder has MSRP of $110.00 It’s made in Taiwan. The Low Viz G10 Non-Metallic has a MSRP of $55.00. It’s made in the USA.


Regiment Blades

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