Regiment Blades Low Viz Pro

Some of you may remember an innovative personal defense knife known as the Colonel. It’s now back in production as the Regiment Blades Low Viz Pro and it’s brought to you by the same people same owners, same designers, same patent. What sets this knife apart from others is its patented advanced design. It’s designed by shooters for shooters, so your draw stroke is the same every time.

In addition to the Low Viz Pro fixed blade, Regiment Blades also offers an Auto Lock Folder and a Low Vs G10 Non-Metallic fixed blade version. In this article we will take a look at the Low Viz Pro.

We often hear the adage, “Never bring a knife to a gunfight.” But what if carrying a gun isn’t an option? The reality is that personal safety tools are essential. And having a gun as your primary weapon, doesn’t rule also having a blade. Edged weapons have a place in a lethal force encounter. We may not have the time or ability to deploy our firearm. Empty hand, knife and gun need to be (or become) an integrated skill set. It’s a force multiplier.

Regiment Blades Low Viz Pro

Regiment Blades Low Viz Pro is a specialized personal defense tool crafted for close-quarters self-protection. This innovative design is the result of expert collaboration between combatives instructors Al and Nico Salvitti and input from former U.S. Army Special Forces operators. The knife is tailored to integrate seamlessly with the instinctual reactions of its wielder, requiring no complex training. This means you can deploy it effectively under stress without needing to remember complicated techniques.

The Low Viz Pro operates on simple mechanics similar to those of a punch, making it highly effective and intuitive for anyone, regardless of their physical strength. Its design focuses on leveraging your body’s natural movements to enhance safety and effectiveness. The ergonomic grip mimics that of a pistol, providing a stable and comfortable hold that aligns your arm, forearm, and wrist optimally for powerful, controlled strikes.

Its safety features are noteworthy too. The knife is designed to minimize the risk of self-injury during use, and its large teardrop-shaped finger ring, akin to a handgun’s trigger guard, facilitates quick deployment and secure retention. This feature allows the user to maintain control of the knife even when performing other tasks, crucial in unpredictable situations.

The Regiment Blades Low Viz Pro fixed blade knife is designed by shooters for shooters. It carries, conceals and draws like a gun. The ringed design also facilitates seamless knife-to gun transitions and use of knife hand for other tasks without having to let go of the knife.

Additionally, the knife’s compact and efficient blade, combined with its non-slip handle and strategic jimping, ensures that each strike has maximum impact, ideal for creating the necessary space to escape a dangerous encounter. The Low Viz Pro also serves dual purposes with its angular butt, which can be used as an impact weapon or to break glass in emergencies.

The design of the Low Viz Pro also makes it next to impossible for the user to stab or cut themselves while employing the blade. The design also lends itself to use with a reverse grip, providing enhanced grip and reach when compared to conventional knives. By utilizing natural body mechanics, the ergonomic design of the Low Viz Pro is also exceptionally comfortable and well-balanced in the hand in either gripping technique.

The grip of the Regiment Blades Low Viz Pro aligns your upper arm, forearm, and wrist into the strongest position. Blade work with the Low Viz Pro is the same as boxing.

The Low Viz Pro features a full tang, single-edged 2.75-inch spear point blade made of 8Cr14MoV stainless steel with matte black titanium nitride (TiN) finish, 3-inch contoured handle, injection molded scales with squared surface edges to help prevent grip from twisting inside your hand, and aggressive jimping at the spine and on the bottom of the rear of the hilt. The scales are attached with stainless steel Torx® socket head screws with a black oxide coating.

8Cr14MoV is a high-carbon, high-chromium stainless steel variant that offers a good balance of strength, corrosion resistance, and edge retention. It’s part of the CrMoV (Chromium Molybdenum Vanadium) family of steels, known for their durability and wear resistance.

With a composition that includes 0.7%-0.8% carbon and 13%-14.5% chromium, 8Cr14MoV is often compared to AUS-8 steel, offering similar performance at a more affordable price point. This steel is particularly popular in the manufacture of budget-friendly yet reliable knives, where it provides a sharp edge and decent toughness, making it especially popular with those who require a dependable blade without breaking the bank.

The black titanium nitride (TiN) finish is a form of Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) coating that involves the deposition of thin layers of titanium nitride onto a substrate, giving it a distinctive black color. This finish is known for its high hardness, exceptional wear resistance, and ability to reduce friction.

The Low Viz Pro comes with an injection-molded two-piece plastic sheath featuring black oxide coated stainless steel fasteners for tension adjustment and a matte black titanium nitride coated stainless steel belt clip. The sheath utilizes a friction fit to securely hold the knife. It’s very secure, with absolutely no rattle, yet easily pops off when deploying the blade.

The Regiment Blades Low Viz Pro comes with an injection molded sheath featuring black oxide coated stainless steel fasteners for tension adjustment and a black titanium nitride coated stainless steel belt clip.

Regiment Blades also offers an optional Low Rider Sheath. The Low Rider Sheath is made for Regiment Blades by Masarro Holsters. It’s made from durable KYDEX®, It features a unique low-profile adjustable clip that allows the blade to be virtually completely concealed in your pocket or under a belt. The clip is made of strong steel wire and is attached to the sheath with a single screw. It comes in a variety of colors.

Regiment Blades Polymer Trainer

Training is important, even with an intuitive knife like the Low Viz Pro. Regiment Blades offers an injection-molded polymer Trainer for safe training. The Trainer features a blunt shorter “blade” so that when you press against the target it will simulate being an inch and ½ into the target. It’s designed to allow you to practice full strikes and enhance so-called “muscle memory” without stopping at the tip.

And the Trainer is useful for more than just training. The design of the Trainer also allows it to be effectively employed as a less-lethal tool that can be carried in many places where knives are prohibited.

The Trainer fits the Regiment Blades sheath (sheath not included with Trainer), allowing you to practice the draw stroke and train using your regular carry setup.

The optional Polymer Trainer lets you safely practice full strikes. The Trainer can also be used as less-lethal tool. It fits Regiment Blade sheaths.

Final Thoughts

The Regiment Blades Low Viz Pro is an outstanding low-profile fixed-blade knife for personal defense. The design and workmanship are top notch. The Low Viz Pro has a unique combination of features that truly put it in a class of its own. It’s an extremely effective tool for defending yourself. MSRP for the Low Viz Pro is $110.00. MSRP for the Low Rider Sheath is $45.00. The Trainer has a MSRP of $11.95.

The Low Viz Pro was developed, designed, and engineered in the USA. It’s made in Taiwan. The Trainer is made in the USA.


Regiment Blades

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