First, my apologies to Sput Targets and Concealed Carry for the delay in getting this out. When Uncle Sam places that spam call to you, sometimes he doesn’t care what range time you have scheduled.  Thank you all for your patience, and going along with my teaser videos.

Now, there is a great variety of things to shoot at out there. Wait, not what I meant. While it may be a target rich environment in some areas of operations, there are a lot of different targets to shoot at out there. From plain old paper with any number of artistic expressions, to moving, remote controlled 3D reactive robots. Of course a lot depends on the purpose of the target. Strictly, for fun, zero. specific training methodology or goal. However when the end user wants immediate feedback, especially at distance, the choices narrow,

Sput Targets powder indicating reactive targets aim (pun intended) to close the gap. The concept is simple. The rectangular, approximately 7 inches by 5.5 inches by about 1/2 inch deep box is filled with biodegradable powder. 121 little packets of powder to be exact. Each target comes with its own “H” stand, and comes in 4 pack of your choice of blue, green orange, or red, or a variety pack with the same options. The idea is to provide shooter feedback when the packets “explode”. I found that the H stand works nicely when set up in the ground, bent to position in other manner, used in conjunction with other items to achieve a more challenging angle or height, or clipped to a line or cardboard in a more traditional sense.

At $.29.99 per pack the targets offer a decent amount of shooting time, but depending on your style and calibers used, can be gone through rather quickly. I alternated Sput Targets with other target modalities, which made for a dynamic shooting experience, especially for the younger shooters. I also see a lot of possibilities of using the targets in a shoot house with Simmunition, frangible and training ammo.

Also handy in our sample set was the fact that bulls eye color was different than the main target area. I like that option, particularly when doing moving drills and longer range shooting. We used the Sput Targets in December, Weather was around 35 degrees Fahrenheit, with low wind, and typical Midwest winter humidity. This is important to note, because the “boom” effect of the powder seems to depend on the environment. While it is easy enough to see the shot placement, it was a bit tricky to see the powder. Nonetheless, the targets were reactive as intended, and the color hit was visible on pistol at 7-15 meters and rifle via scope at 100 meters. Information on Sput Targets is available on their website, and as described above, the level of effect as with any range trip, is “it depends”. What you shoot with, how you shoot, your goals of shooting, and the environment. But at the price, the Sput Targets are a nice alternative to plain paper, and can be very enjoyable. If you wander about the cleanliness of the dye, it’s cornstarch based, and along with paper and cardboard is safe to the environment, and recyclable.

Utah-based company and a USA-product, Sput Targets are a fun way to diversify anyone’s shooting and training experience.

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