So.. What is a reputation anyway?


noun: reputation;
the beliefs or opinions that are generally held about someone or something.
“his reputation was tarnished by allegations of bribery”
 a widespread belief that someone or something has a particular characteristic.
“his knowledge of his subject earned him a reputation as an expert”

My opinion

A reputation is the result of a combination of your personality and work-ethic. Why? Well, look at this chart I made:

Which one do you want to be, or have in your team? A or B? Yes, of course.. A, and that is not just in a military setting. Every team, every employer and probably even your wife prefers type A.
Work-ethic can also be replaced with mindset, I think these are closely related. Think about it, if your mindset is to be a winner, to never fucking quit, you will never be 5 minutes late, or have a damn good reason for it.

When Is A Reputation Build?

From day 1. Yes, first impressions do count.


Imagine you are starting selection in that tier one unit you have been dreaming of joining all your semi-adult life.. now, that chance has finally arrived. You better make damn sure you show up one f*cking hour early.. Because from now on everything you do is put under a magnifying glass, and they will test you, to see if this is the real you, or that you are faking this.. If you are.. you will probably not make it.

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You Made It

Well, at least you made it through selection and all the training that followed. Time to rest and take it easy, right? No way. Next phase, proving you are worthy of being a real team member. And again the same chart applies here, and much more.

Team Reputation

In my old unit we were lucky to train and work as one team for longer periods. This of course makes that the group dynamics had been set solid, and everybody knew everybody inside out, that means we also knew who did come late or was more quiet. But from day one we made sure we had a good and open way of communicating, always. Like Jack Donovan says:

Brothers judge you to your face, in the here and now..

And that is exactly what we did from day one, with one goal in mind: WINNING, ALWAYS


Winning within the teams, the squadron, the unit, the world. It was just like that.

Send Me

Aim to be number 1, in everything. If your Commander or employer has to consider a team for anything, you want him to think of you first!

  • Train hard
  • Work hard
  • Party hard

Benefits In The Long Run?

Yes, of course. People will remember you.

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By Mark van Riele

Mark served in the Dutch Army Special Forces unit “Korps Commando Troepen”, And he served in different units ranging from Diplomatic close protection to contractor work. He has his own blog called @arminius_tribe on Instagram

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