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Flimmuur Tactical MS2000 Strobe pouch

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For some time we have followed the progress and achievements of a small UK gear manufacturer, Flimmuur Tactical. His Facebook page was the only source of information on his products and work. Until recently he opened up an Instagram account too.

Anyway, he is one of those individuals who makes outstanding looking gear exclusively to order. I have wanted to test his stuff for a long time now. I just did not have a proper idea of what to order from him. But some two weeks ago I spotted that he had made a patch of laser cut MS2000 pouches in multicam. I thought all of them had been reserved already. But I shot the man a message anyway, trying my luck.

And what did you know, he soon replied that one of the pouches was reserved to me, if I wanted it. Oh, and I wanted it alright! And after a brief hassle on my part with the payment, the man dispatched the pouch quickly to me from U.K. And here it is.


A few words of introduction about the manufacturer at hand. I asked the man to give some info on his company and work, to provide you with a small interviewish spotlight on Flimmuur Tactical.

The man behind Flimmuur Tactical is Ed. He is a British Army reservist, who grew tired of the poor kit they were issued. He started to fill in the gaps in the issued equipment by modding the kit and designing his own pieces as well. Before 2010 he sewed everything by hand, but at that point he got his first near industrial grade sewing machine. Recently he has upgraded to a proper high end machine to keep up with the growing demand.

Since then he has started to make bespoke and custom work for his service mates and British soldiers. With his own experience he is able to provide others with functional equipment that fit their requirements perfectly.

He says that he specialises in fast turnaround design and fabrication. And he has been on the cutting edge of gear manufacturing already in 2013, making his own laminates among the first manufacturers to do so.

His kit is made with all milspec materials sourced from the US and EU.

I asked Ed what is his proudest moment as a gear manufacturer. He said that he always feels proud when a military customer reaches out to buy new gear and tells him that his kit is still going strong after years of hard use. His crib card pouch has gone through several generations and the high demand has seen that the original design has evolved into the current laser cut slick version.

Quality, experience and innovation are the keywords to describe Ed’s work. And after receiving the MS2000 pouch, I can personally vouch for that.

You can find Flimmuur Tactical and contact them through this link to their Facebook page.

The Pouch

The MS2000 strobe pouch is laser cut from a special cordura laminate. The laminate is an extremely lightweight and durable material. The pouch itself weights 12 grams and together with the velcro panel the total is 19 grams

Ed praises the benefits of the laser cutting. One is the reduced amount of seams and sewing in the manufacturing process.

Also no edge binding is needed, because the edges of the laminate do not fray like traditionally cut cordura will eventually.

The laser cut laminate also sheds water easily, so the added weight of a metal drainage grommet is forfeited.

The pouch has loop velcro on the inside where the strobe is meant to be attached. On the outside there is a hook velcro area, with which the pouch is in turn attached to any loop surface you want. For example your helmet, back pack etc.

The pouch is supplied with a deticated loop velcro panel for the pouch. The velcro has a single colum molle strap, which you can attach to any molle surface.

The pouch was £25 including postage to Finland.

The Personal Experience

When I took the pouch out of the package, I immediately knew that the pouch was really high grade.

The laser cut laminate is really sturdy looking, yet extremely lightweight. The simplicity of the design is remarkable, but when putting the strobe in you notice that it really works. The deticated velcro panel is a nice addition and well made too. Especially nice touch is the branded company name on the molle strap.

The velcro is top quality. When attached on any surface, it sticks like tar and needs quite a bit of power to rip off. This is really reassuring. I was a bit concerned that the pouch would come loose on it’s own, so that the weight of the strobe would be enough to rip the velcro open.

I added the pouch to my Platatac Bullock Echo ID velcro and ran some hard exercise with the setup in the woods. And the pouch stayed put like it was sewn on the pack. So definitely no worries there.

The weight of the pouch is really nonexistent. It almost adds nothing to the weight of the strobe! And with the molle panel you can change the pouch between your equipment and different configurations.

There are only two issues that I can come up with it. The pouch is a bit baggy. There is a little space between the laminate and the strobe. This is more of an cosmetic problem than a functional one. I guess the pouch cannot even bee too tight, so that you can put the strobe in. But it caught my eye anyway.

The other is that when the strobe is attached to the pouch with the velcro, the body cannot be extended for the use of the blue light. I do not know is every model of the MS2000 have this option. Of course you can fiddle around with the velcro on the strobe and attach it to the strobe so that it will not stop you from extending the casing. But then I think the velcro surface attaching the strobe to the pouch might be too small and then you will run a risk of losing the strobe from the pouch.

I have looked for a pouch for the MS2000 for some time. I have never used it for the IR operations, nor will I at least in the near future. But what I carry the MS2000 for is that I think it would be a good emergency light, or a high visibility marker for low light activities.

I once strapped the strobe to my cycling helmet, when I forgot the lights off of my bike. It did a splendid job as a tail light, but the attachment was troublesome back then. Now I just glued a bit of hook velcro on the helmet and now with the pouch the strobe will cling to the helmet with no problem. And the same goes to attaching it backpacks or what ever for singling your location.


All in all, the pouch is simple and effective piece of kit. A perfect little package to keep your strobe attached where you need it, be it to your ballistic helmet, or back pack as an emergency marker or what ever. Together the strobe and the pouch are a great combo for a lot of scenarios and activities.

I am not sure if Ed will have these on the shelf and how often. At the time of writing he still has three of this patch in his shelf! So if you want one now, be quick! You can contact him and quote him for a price and production schedules to have one custom made for you. He is a really nice guy, answers to messages quickly and will give you the best customer service you can hope for.

The Strobe Pouch has convinced me that Flimmuur Tactical is the Savile Row equivalent in the tactical equipment world. High quality bespoke and custom work, with a good price (latter of which, of course, is unlike The Savile Row tailors). You should definitely take a note and follow them and their progress.



The weight

Simple design

Laser cut laminate

The branded company name


The bagginess

Disability to use the blue light of the strobe

Five points assessment

Functionality 3/5
Weight 5/5
Durability 5/5
Cost 5/5
Comfort 5/5
Overall 24/25

Disclosure of Material Connection: I purchased this product with my own funds. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

This review was first published in the Noble & Blue. Noble & Blue is a small Finnish outdoor and tactical gear reviewing blog, that also shares stories of learning and adventure. Click here to know more about Noble & Blue


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