Tue. Sep 22nd, 2020

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There are quite a few magazine extenders on the market. In this video I’m using the CruxOrd Glock 43 + 2 Mag Extender. Their extender is pretty slim, simple to assemble and a great addition to your pistol because it allows you to add two rounds to your every day carry.

A good piece that seems like a better option than some of the injection molded options on the market. Some of the products on the market are stocky while this has a slim look and ergonomic feel on the fingers. Very easy to install and is made of billet aluminum. By going with this choice instead of polymer they cut down the weight and increased its strength. The Crux Ordnance parts are made in America. It prices in at $31-$35.00. Overall a solid winner for being affordable, lightweight, durable and ergonomic.

  • Specifications and Features
    Increases grip size
    Adds two rounds capacity
  • Cruxord ACG010
    Aluminum construction
    Easy installation, simply replace floor plate with extension
  • Fits: GLOCK 43 magazine

Cost: 5/5

Durability: 5/5

Weight: 5/5

Comfort: 5/5

Function: 4/5 uncertain about long-term carry ability; no additional power spring.

Overall: 24/25



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