August 18, 2022

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Elite Survival Systems Range Roller Bag

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If you’re like me you don’t make it to the range as often as you’d like.  So, when I do get to go I want to take everything with me! All the new things I got, the ones I have shot in a while, and my buddy’s gun he is letting me try. Then there is all the ammo and mags, targets, and snacks!  Don’t forget the snacks!  I’ve been living this struggle and thinking it was normal.  Walking to the range line looking like Santa bringing presents down the chimney.

Then I get a mail call from Elite Survival Systems and their Range Roller Bag.  I was a little skeptical at first.  I mean, a range bag with roller wheels?  But, after my first trip to my local range, I was hooked.  According to the website the bag sports:

 Heavy-duty 1000 denier nylon construction

 Heavy-duty zippers and hardware

 Solid base with heavy-duty internal structure and wheels

 Retractable roller handle

 large primary compartment offers excellent organization by way of Modular Attachment Divider (MAD) System

 two identical slot compartments on either side of the primary compartment contain modular dividers and can hold up to EIGHT pistols in all

Full-length exterior accessory pocket lies flat to double as a mat and contains:
1) Six fixed pistol magazine pouches
2) Large accessory pouch with Velcro closure
3) Two Velcro-attach mesh accessory pouches
4) One Velcro attach eye-wear pouch

Two identical dump pockets on side opposite accessory pocket with spill-guard zippers

Things I liked:

I had no problem filling the bag with gear the first time out and was very pleased to fit everything I needed into one bag.  I utilized the side pockets and took 4 full-sized handguns, ammo for all of them, magazines, and a primary and back up set of ear and eye pro, as well as a well-stocked trauma kit.  I was able to use the other full-size slot pocket to fit some targets.  I threw in a water bottle and was good to go.

The bag was more than sturdy with the rigid bottom and the carry handles are big enough and comfortable.  The zippers ran smooth with no snags.  I played with the roller wheels but didn’t feel like I needed to use them all that much.  But, the bag doubles as an airline carry-on so…

Things I found lacking:

-This is primarily a pistol bag.  I was able to stash magazines and ammo for long guns, but still had to pack the rifles in another bag (small detail not a deal breaker)

-The wheels where a little small for rolling over the gravel of the range.  Again, small detail, but if you’re needing to roll it on the range it could be an issue.

-I felt like the dedicated magazine holders where an afterthought.  I could load it down with 8 handguns, but I only have 6 mag holders?  There is plenty of room to stash magazines elsewhere, so I felt the space for dedicated mags could have been used for something else.


Cost: 3/5 (depends on if you will use it to It’s potential.  Expensive for a range bag but if you use it for travel or need the space than it’s worth it)

Durability: 4/5 (wheels are the weak point)

Functionality: 5/5

Weight: 4/5

Comfort: NA

Overall: 16/20

Bottom Line:

This may not be a bag you need for every trip to the range.  But, if you are taking gear for more than just yourself, be it a spouse, friend, or new shooter, than it’s a “nice-to-have”.  Where this bag shines is for training courses or competitions.  You can easily hold all you need in the way of gear, guns and ammo for a weekend training course or a day or two of competition, and I have no doubt this bag will take the abuse that comes with those activities.  Like I said in the beginning, I was skeptical at first, but this bag now had a comfortable place in my closet (and my wife thinks it’s just a new travel bag!)

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