July 6, 2022

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American Technologies Network Corp

Review by Fred Fusco

head mount assembly night vision goggles nvg7

This is the gear review for NVG7-3W Night Vision goggles manufactured by ATN (American Technologies Network Corp). I will discuss the goggles in four categories…Cost, Durability, Size, and Function.

The price of the goggle is $4,799. The model sent to me for this review included ATN’s Goggle kit which is a head harness set up to wear the goggle hands free on the head. This accessory made the use of the NVG7-3W easy and more natural. The harness is included with the goggles. If you are hunting or patrolling at night with the goggles, this addition may be necessary to free up the hands for other tasks such as manipulating a weapon or some other equipment. Also included are rubber eye-cups for comfort while wearing the goggles, a soft carrying case, and a CR123A battery to power the goggles.


night vision goggles nvg7

The durability of these goggles is excellent. They did get bumped and banged around a bit especially in the dark like most night vision devices do. I didn’t have any issues with them. ATN includes a protective lens cap which allows you to test the goggles out in normal daylight or well-lit rooms. This is achieved with the pin-hole in the cap which allows a small amount of light in to let the image intensifier tube function without letting too much light in to overpower the unit. This model is equipped with bright light source shut off which automatically shuts the goggles down when there is too much ambient light. The goggle comes with a two-year warranty.

The mount itself for the goggles could use some re-engineering. I am not a fan of the materials used to construct the mounts and attaching hardware. There is a lot of plastics used and they normally don’t fare well with this kind of equipment. Mainly at the adapter clip where it connects to the helmet mount. I was a bit worried about breaking the mount while using. Luckily, I was able to avoid any breakage.

Snap in Adapter
Adapter to Helmet Mount

The size and weight of the NVG7-3W is a bit heavier than a single tube or monocle style goggle.  If wearing the googles for extended periods of time you start to notice the weight. I would recommend a counter balance system if wearing with a helmet. ATN does offer external battery power packs on their website under the accessories tab. There are also some other companies that offer counter balance rigs you can purchase.

Battery Compartment

As for the function, using white phosphorus technology is a whole different animal in the NVG world, especially if one is used to using “green NODs” like many veterans from my era. This is what sets these night vision goggles apart from all others.

When using WP technology, everything seems more vivid and clear. I believe it’s a more “natural feel” or “look” compared to daylight.

There are several adjustments on the goggle for proper viewing with good clarity. On the front of the goggle, there is an objective lens focus. This allows the user to focus the lens based on the distance to the object in view. Also, each eyepiece has a diopter adjustment to adjust to that user’s eyes. Each eyepiece can also be moved laterally to adjust interpupillary distance.

Along with focus adjustments, there is a power switch for the goggle which has 3 positions. There is an off position, an on position, and an IR position. The off position in the center powers the unit off. The on position turns the goggle on without an external IR light source. The IR position turns the google on with the aid of a small IR illuminator which is used for darker environments at close distance up to 3 meters. When in IR mode, there is a red indicator light in the eyepiece to let the user know the illuminator is on.

Power Switch

Now for my final thoughts on the ATN NVG7-3W. At first when I donned this set of goggles, it reminded me of the old, not so wonderful AN/PVS-7B’s we used to have in Special Forces. They were the best technology we had at the time. However, these ATN goggles with the newer white phosphorus capability were a pleasure to test and use. I felt like a kid at Christmas time. It’s a great asset to the hunter or night shooting firearms enthusiast. I believe possibly a Police tactical unit who is looking into incorporating night vision into their capabilities with the addition of IR laser/floodlights to their weapon systems. Especially if on a budget and dual tube systems are out of their price range. These goggles are a great option. This is another example and great accomplishment for American Technologies Network Corps for bringing newer technology to our citizens, avid hunters, first responders, and military.

Material Disclosure

I received this product as a courtesy from the manufacturer via Spotter Up so I could test it and give my honest feedback. I am not bound by any written, verbal, or implied contract to give this product a good review. All opinions are my own and are based off my personal experience with the product.

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