August 18, 2022

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Most Infantryman take pride in their personal hygiene and socks are a major component to this process. It’s engrained in us considering our uniforms are worn day after day. To add, we drag them through some intense and inhospitable conditions. We learn how to be clean in the grimiest of times. It’s widely known that the most important part of this process is the Infantryman’s feet. With miles upon miles of movements, it’s imperative that our “dogs” are always fresh. In doing this, we depend on clean and durable socks.

Even after transitioning into normal society, socks continue to be a prized tradition for morning routines. With a lot of vetrepreneur jockeying for the best t-shirt in the apparel industry, Kyle Baum reverted to his prior service as an Airborne Ranger and created Atom Socks. Making a commitment to provide the “world’s best socks for the missions that matter.” He’s doing just that, one stride at a time.

Not only do these socks feel and look great, they are overly attractive in the corporate world. Make a bold statement while wearing your pair to a meeting, a night out on the town, or just in the office. Patterns like the M67, Black Rifle, and Sua Sponte are sure to bring some charisma in your step.

The structuring of Atom Socks shouldn’t be overlooked either. Providing a lightweight, durable sock that has a reinforced toe and heel for maximum durability. With a dry, moister wicking material to keep your feet cool and comfortable, these are a perfect fit for first responders across the nation. And the rumor is, they’re working on an “On-Duty” collection with the Merino Wool Boot Sock being one of them.

I was able to get my feet in a couple of pair, the Join or Die and Woodland Crew. I’ve honestly put them through the ringer. With a little more than a month of owning them, wearing them on hikes, vacations, and around the house. I genuinely look for these fresh out of the dryer, and often have a hard time keeping them on standby for formal occasions.

When first placing these socks on, I feel them instantly hugging my feet. This is my favorite aspect of these little gems. Mainly because they hold their silky, yet tight design throughout the day. The wicking material is also a wonderful contributing factor. It’s apparent these socks were designed for optimum performance, durability and strength.

My only complaint would be that they are currenlty available as individual items. I’d like to see the standard 3 pack or a mix and match option. Let’s be honest, who wants only one or two pairs of these badass socks? Emphasizing on quality first, and then style…these socks are a sure purchase this summer. Get your pair at


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