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Vollebak Condition Black Ceramic Baselayer by SAS operators

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The base layer is the layer worn closest to your skin. The main purpose of the base layer is to wick moisture away from your body during your periods of activity. It works to keep you dry and insulate you from the cold. To be effective it should be breathable while also being non-absorbent.

For the wearer, it should look killer, feel killer and do some killer work as it protects the user from harm. It was designed using the input from two guys who know how to do damage well : SAS special forces members Jason Fox and Aldo Kane gave the shirt design a lot of input. The Vollebak Condition Black Ceramic Baselayer is something many companies will likely copy in some fashion.

Many baselayers use high tech fabrics but they don’t impregnate their base layers with a special bombproof ceramic coating technology like Vollebak. Friction creates wear and tear. This shirt was made with the intent of holding up to adventure racing, rugby, and really anything you do in it. Beat it up and its supposed to hold up.

The main mission of the Swiss textile company Schoeller’s creators was to reduce abrasion. According to them the shirt is lightweight, flexible and tough. The tiny ceramic particles are bound into the material in hexagon formations and therefore makes the shirt highly abrasion resistant. The coating is soft to the touch and can’t be washed off. The shirt has a 4 way stretch and moves any direction the user moves.

The wicking part of any good shirt should dry faster than conventional undergarments and help transport perspiration away from your skin. Drying reduces the risk of dramatic swings in body temperature. As a rule, the thinner the fabric, the better it wicks and the faster it dries. The Vollebak is both thin and lightweight and should have a snug feel against the skin. Yours for about $160.00.

Vollebak is an adventure clothing brand from the creatives behind Airbnb’s floating house.


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