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As avid believers in all things gentlemanly and stylish, we here at Noble & Blue like to bring forth our findings and developments in our journey of developing our personal style and carry items. This time we take a look at some more gentlemanly and stylish EDC and home decor items from a Finnish craftsman!



A couple months back, we got contacted by a small Finnish handmade leather goods manufacturer called Luava. Luava is a small business based nearby the Finnish capital, a real one man operation and the man behind it is Juuso Virtanen, a dedicated and proud craftsman.

After brief introductions and smalltalk Juuso asked us to take a look at his products and see how we liked them. And soon enough we received some handcrafted leather goods from Juuso to take part in our daily lives. Juuso himself describes the company and it’s products on the company website as follows:

“Life is filled with unforgettable stories. You always remember the best parts but actually the best part is that you were there to experience them. You are the most important part of the story.

Luava creates trustworthy products that you can rely on wherever you go. The passion drives Luava to create always something original and minimal. To ensure the long lasting result everything is handcrafted with high-quality materials and tested in extreme conditions here in freezing Finland.

Also it’s not a huge corporation that makes Luava’s products – it’s me Juuso Virtanen, a Finnish entrepreneur with a clear vision of making elegant and practical products that last a lifetime. I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy making them.”

Most of Luava’s products consist of minimalistic but very stylish leather wallets, card- and passport holders and a few other EDC and home decor items. Like said earlier, all Luava’s products are handcrafted and made of genuine leather, which in most cases is from a Yak. Yak leather is very durable and wear resistant so it makes a lot of sense as a choice of material!

Unfortunately Luava doesn’t have an international online store yet, but if you contact Juuso via the Luava website, he will be sure to sort all you out international customers out!


In use

What did we receive from Luava then? For testing, we got a leather key fob each, a couple leather coasters for our tactical whisky case and I (Blue) bought myself the Classic wallet, since my old one had almost turned back to atoms. Both of us debated big time on getting their leather EDC tray, but we decided to wait for better financial situations in the future.

“I’m a big fan of all things tacticool and made of cordura, but also at the same time I’m very appreciative and a fan of the classic menswear and style, in which the mahogany tones of leather fit like a glove. And even though each of the products vary in the hue and colouration they still fit in most places very nicely.

My choice in the minimalistic Classic wallet was very conscious, and I forced myself to minimalize my personal carry a lot, by having to leave out a lot of different not-so-relevant bonus and membership cards. I really like the simplistic folding design, suited for a maximum of up to 12 cards and some notes folded. And the dark, slightly reddish mahogany hue of the Yak leather really hits home with my aesthetic taste buds. And the craftsmanship is impeccable; sturdy stitching and an immaculate exterior finish. I couldn’t find a flaw even by trying hard.
At first the wallet was very tight and could only fit 8 cards in it, but in these two months of daily use the leather has worn in and stretched enough to accommodate 10 cards which come out with relative ease when needed. I have really grown into liking this wallet and the ease of use it represents and I will most likely carry this with me for years to come, because it might need an apocalypse to render this wallet unusable.
(The Classic wallet retails at 59 euros and is only available in one color as of this time)


The keyfob is nothing special in it’s design, but it really is aesthetically pleasing and pleasant to use. The leather is soft and flexible and the brass toned D-ring and snap-button create a nice contrast of colours. I have never used a keyfob on my keys before, but I have really liked this one, and see no reason to go back to square one. (The keyfobs are available in 3 colours and 2 different lenghts (6cm and 10cm) and retail at 15 and 19 euros a piece)

The leather coasters were like made for our tactical whiskey case, that little piece of hardware every tactical gentleman should own. The 4”x4” Yak-leather coasters really bring our case together and are yet again; aesthetically pleasing. As our whiskey case has proper glassware the coasters fit like a glove and bring the case’s gentlemanlyness to the next level!(The coasters are sold as sets of four and the set retails at 35 euros)”



We both have really liked the products we received for testing and love to give a little space and attention for local small businesses and the famous Finnish design. Like said earlier, the craftsmanship is and quality of products is impeccable and choice of materials is well thought out. And contrary to many other materials, leather ages well when maintained properly, guaranteeing a lovely patina over time.

The minimalistic and simplistic design is the ongoing trend everywhere, but when you can make it beautiful and aesthetically pleasing too, what more can you ask for? THese are perfect for all your gentlemanly EDC needs.

– Blue (With input from Noble)

Disclosure of material connection:
We received these products from the manufacturer, partially for free and partially paid by our own funds, so we could test them and give our honest and unbiased feedback. We were not bound by any written, verbal, or implied contract to give this product a good review. All opinions are our own and are based off of our personal experiences with the products.

This review was first published in the Noble & Blue. Noble & Blue is a small Finnish outdoor and tactical gear reviewing blog, that also shares stories of learning and adventure. Click here to know more about Noble & Blue



By Blue

Culinary student in my mid 20’s, relieved of peacetime duty, but interested in voluntary national defense, firearms and much more. Due to my economical status as a student, I’m still watching my options on getting into the shooting hobby, but hopefully in the near future it becomes a reality.

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