February 4, 2023

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Vertx S.O.C.P. Rigid Insert Panel

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Vertx S.O.C.P. Insert Panel & Vertx Go Pack

Vertx S.O.C.P. Insert Panel is a multi-use, MOLLE-compatible attachment system that can be fully customized to fit the end-user’s mission or environment. Removable grip clips allow you to secure the panel to internal pack materials, vehicle seat covers and other similar surfaces.

Vertx® recently provided me with its S.O.C.P.® Rigid Insert Panel for evaluation. The S.O.C.P. Insert Panel was developed in conjunction with Greg Thompson, founder of Special Operations Combatives Program® (S.O.C.P.). It’s designed to provide you with an organizational platform that allows low-profile movement of sensitive kit no matter what external carrier you’re deploying with.

The concept behind the S.O.C.P. Insert Panel was to allow you to deploy your equipment the way you want to in whatever situation you may be in. It’s designed for versatility. The universal MOLLE compatibility allows you to quickly reconfigure it for a changing mission or environment for the task at hand.

The S.O.C.P. Insert Panel is also designed so that you can also run cord though it to attach other items securely, tether two or more panels together for large loadouts or to suspend the panel from vehicle seats. You can attach accessories on either or both sides. You can organize individual panels by application or areas of critical focus.

The S.O.C.P. Insert Panel is designed to be very diverse in the way that it can hold your equipment but allow you to employ your equipment the same way every time the way that you train on it. You can move the panel without having to waste time and re-position everything or double check that you didn’t leave any important items behind. You can move it in its entirety to another bag or hand it off to a team member.

The S.O.C.P. Insert Panel is made in the USA of flexible injection molded TufMax® durable, high-performance polymer. The panel measures 14″ L x 10.5 W x 0.2″ T. It has six MOLLE-compatible tabs that keep it in place on web panels. The panel has rounded corners and smooth edges to keep it pack- and gear-friendly. The panel can be cut down to a smaller size if needed. For example, if you’re a woman, you can cut it down to fit into a purse or handbag.

The S.O.C.P. Insert Panel has a matrix of 54 open squares and slots allows precise attachment of any MOLLE-compatible accessory. They provide multi-angle mounting capability. Each of the 30 squares measures 1.25 L x 1.25” W. There are 16 long slots, each measuring 2.75” L x 0.25“ W and eight short slots, each measuring 1.25” L x 0.25“ W. There are also 22 round 0.2” diameter holes that facilitate routing of 550 cord, shock cord and attachment of Chicago screws/mounting screws for additional mounting options.

The S.O.C.P. Insert Panel comes with two Duraflex® Grip Clip™ buckles with Velcro® Brand One-Wrap®. The One-Wrap enables the Grip Clip buckles to be mounted to mount to multiple points on the panel. They allow you to anchor the insert in any bag or pack that you might have, vehicle seat covers, and other similar materials.

Vertx S.O.C.P. Insert Panel cord-specific holes allow you to tether two or more panels together for large load-outs or to suspend panels on vehicle seats. The holes also facilitate attachment of Chicago bolts and mounting screws for additional mounting options.

My Thoughts

The S.O.C.P. Insert Panel is an excellent piece of kit that serves its intended purpose well. The design is well thought out. I have tested a range of MOLLE products on it and all of them have worked. Although it’s not the only MOLLE-compatible organizational insert panel on the market, it’s features, and capabilities definitely make it worthy of consideration.

The S.O.C.P. Insert Panel comes in It’s Black. It has a MSRP of $45.99. It’s available online from Vertx at vertx.com or at authorized Vertx dealers. Vertx offers free standard shipping on all orders over $99.

Vertx stands behind all of its products. If you’re not 100% satisfied with your purchase, they’ll be happy to accept an exchange or a return for a full refund within 60 days of purchase (terms apply, as always).



Special Operations Combatives Program (S.O.C.P.)

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