This is a gun I never planned on owning yet somehow I ended up not only owning one but truly enjoying it and using it as my primary handgun for everything. I’m currently a little over a month in with daily dryfire and only a few hundred rounds through it. However, in trying to learn more about the gun online I found myself spending much more time searching than I did learning. This isn’t too surprising, its a pretty niche gun and technically still on the market side of newer. Throughout my time searching I cataloged the information I found and wanted to compile a simple document to serve as an easier source for anyone else looking to learn more about the PX4 Compact Carry. For this first article I’m not really providing any of my own information as much as I am simply providing a collection of links to the variety of sources of information I found helpful concerning this gun. This list isn’t all encompassing, there are some sources I simply didn’t find useful and there are sources I’m sure I have not yet discovered. If you have some information you’d like to provide please feel free to comment away and share your knowledge with me and anyone else that cares to learn about this fun yet capable little gun.

Carry Trainer Review

Mickey is one of my favorite people in the gun world today so there’s probably a little bias in recommending his video first. Even without bias he does a great job explaining the compact carry, the upgrades that are available, and what a difference the LTT trigger job can make. If you want to get a good start on understanding not just the PX4, but which upgrades you should look to Mickey’s video first. You might also discover a way to save a fair amount of cash by learning from him. Even if you’re not interested in the PX4 Mickey has hundreds of hours of professionally produced content that is helpful for anyone looking to become more independent and capable. For the PX4 Compact Carry video click here.

Lucky Gunner Review

Lucky Gunner has some fantastic content on more than just the PX4, but their multi-part series on the PX4, and later the PX4 Compact Carry, was some of the earliest content I had found useful in learning about this platform.  I recommend not only the Compact Carry video, but their series of videos on what steps they took in upgrading a standard PX4 Compact and their reasons for why a buyer should just buy a Compact Carry instead. You can watch the review for yourself by clicking here.

TFB TV Review

They can be bluntly direct at TFB TV and while James Reeves is a self-professed Glock guy he does a great break down of 6 reasons he really likes the PX4 Compact Carry. He also doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to the things he doesn’t like about it.  You can see his detailed video on the gun here.

Pistol Training Forum

If you want to see the development and testing that led to the PX4 Compact Carry becoming a factory produced model there are quite a few threads on the Pistol-Training Forums. While there is a lot of chaff to sort through from the quality information the thread I found the most useful can be found here. In this thread Ernest covers his initial experience with the PX4 and the proceeding testing and negotiation with Beretta to make the Compact Carry the ideal replacement for the standard PX4 Compact.

Langdon Tactical

I feel it goes without saying that Langdon Tactical should be your first and main source of information for any guns they perform work on, but some people may not understand the impact LTT has had on the extreme rise in popularity of Double-Singles and the 92 platform specifically. While both the 92 Elite and PX4 Compact Carry are produced in the Beretta factory, they are produced with his advised design changes. From consulting to torture tests to improvement and innovation, LTT should be your first step when planning any upgrades or purchases for your PX4.

Langdon Tactical PX4 50k Round Torture Test 

LTT PX4 Trigger Job in a bag Install

PX4 parts, upgrades, magazines


PX4 Red Dot Optic

These are just a few helpful links for someone looking to do upgrades themselves, purchase spare parts, understand how robust the platform is, or finally do the impossible and mount a red dot optic to a Beretta slide. There may be sites with slightly better prices on magazines or random parts and feel free to shop around. Personally I don’t really care about finding the absolute lowest price because after doing business with LTT I have no interest in shopping elsewhere. Their customer service matches their professionalism and innovation, no one has done more for advancing the iconic 92 and now the PX4, than LTT. To me that is far more valuable than saving a couple bucks elsewhere.

Holster Selection

Niche guns are often very hard to find quality holsters for. There are leather holsters on the market for the PX4, however I have almost no experience with leather and much prefer kydex. Of the quality holster companies I only know of two producing holsters for the PX4. JM Custom Kydex and Tier 1 Concealment offer multiple holsters that should meet anyone’s concealed carry needs. JMCK also offers more competition oriented holsters for the PX4 as well. In terms of mag pouches they both offer mag pouches, and I have heard that pouches designed for the VP9 and M&P9 series will work with PX4 magazines. I personally use a Tenicor Abdo in size D and it is an incredibly capable mag pouch and works with a large variety of magazines.

There is more information out there, and as I said I deliberately didn’t include every source I had found. Some of it was redundant, some was simply poor quality or weak information, and some has yet to be discovered. Thankfully there’s no limit to the number of edits I can make here or additional articles I can produce covering this topic. I’ll continue my research online and progressing in my abilities with shooting this unique handgun through dry and live fire and will create a new article perhaps after taking my Compact Carry through the LTT course coming up in April. Until then happy reading/watching and I hope this information was useful.

By Ben Johnson

Ben Johnson spent six years as a USMC Machine Gunner. He deployed three times to Afghanistan as a gunner, team leader, and section leader and left the Marines in 2015. After leaving the Marines he attended college and earned his Bachelors in Business Administration in 2019. He is currently raising his three small sons with his wife, while continuing to learn as much as he can about firearms, and pass that knowledge on. He also dryfires entirely too much in his basement.

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