December 5, 2021

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Vertx Capitol Dress Shirt — Practical and Tactical

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Vertx Capitol Dress Shirt

I never thought that I would be doing an article on a dress shirt for Spotter Up. But that was before Vertx® came out with its Capitol Dress Shirt.

CCW compatible athletic fit of the Capitol Dress Shirt does not obstruct holsters or catch when drawing or reholstering. Shirt has raised button placket, spread dress shirt collar with removable collar stays and appearance and two-button mitered adjustable cuffs with button sleeve placket.

About Vertx

Vertx was launched in 2009, when its parent company, the Fechheimer Brothers Company, founded in 1842 and owned by Berkshire Hathaway, Inc., was approached by a federal agency looking for comfortable low-profile pants with the all of the functionality of the tactical pants they were wearing at the time but that didn’t scream “shoot me first.” Working with end users, the company developed the industry’s first tactical pant that combined the needed functionality with a low visual profile.

Leveraging its experience, Vertx subsequently expanded more into low-profile clothing over time, which eventually also brought them into bags and packs so their same customers could carry all the equpment they needed while remaining discreet.

The Capitol Dress Shirt

The Capitol Dress Shirt is the newest addition to the Vertx line of low-profile tactical apparel. It combines classic tailored dress shirt styling the breathability and comfort of VaporCore as well as some unique tactical features that make it the ideal shirt for low-vis operations when a suit and tie are appropriate. It’s a great everyday dress shirt as well.

Capitol Dress Shirt features woven stretch body and button-front design with chest pocket that mimics a tailored dress shirt while knit stretch back and underarm panels provide a wider range of motion. 37.5 Technology infused fabric delivers temperature regulation regardless of environment, up to 5x faster drying than similar fabrics, and controls odor

The Capitol Dress Shirt has a tapered athletic fit that hugs the body without constricting movement, offering necessary mobility in a tactical environment while looking stylish. While it won’t work for all body types, the athletic fit offers a tailored waist and a more comfortable upper for those that will benefit from it. It has fuller arm holes, more room at chest and shoulders, fuller sleeves and a tapered waist. The streamlined fit helps  eliminate weapon and holster interference when drawing or re-holstering, an important feature for CCW

The Capitol Dress Shirt features a woven stretch body with round chest pocket and button-front placket with fused interlining to give it a crisp, dressy appearance. A knit stretch back and underarm panels provide a wider range of motion. The shirt has an elegant spread dress shirt collar with removable collar stays that keep the collar firm and crisp. Long sleeves with dressy mitered, adjustable button cuffs finish off the classic styling. The shirt has a curved hem for easy tucking. The curved hem also looks good when worn untucked for a casual appearance.

And there’s more. The Capitol Dress Shirt has a comms loop inside the back collar and pass-through slots on both side seams. There are also four hidden mini stash pockets that allow you to pre-load items up to two inches long.

Capitol Dress Shirt is has comms lead pass-through slots on both side seams and comms loop in side back collar. Shirt also has four hidden mini stash pockets that let you pre-load items up to two inches long.

The mini stash pockets may be employed for stashing hand cuff keys and/or other small e&e tools hidden when operating in hostile areas or non permissive environments and allow easy access to defeat illegal restraint. They could be a lifesaver.

The woven fabric is 72% cotton, 25% 37.5® polyester and 3% spandex. The knit fabric is 56% cotton, 38% 37.5 polyester and 6% spandex. Vertx proprietary VaporCore with 37.5® Technology promotes active cooling and rapid drying to keep the wearer cool and dry throughout the day.

VaporCore with 37.5 Technology is made from naturally derived materials. There are no harsh chemicals to irritate the skin. Vertx states that It dries up to five times faster than other performance fabrics, thus eliminating wet cling and enhancing both comfort and performance. It keeps you cool and dry. The 37.5 Technology has active particles in the yarn that help to control odor, which is an issue with many synthetic fabrics. The active particles never wash out, providing lasting odor control.

Summing Up

The Capitol Dress shirt is an outstanding dress shirt. It’s innovative, functional and versatile. It’s a well-designed and exceptionally comfortable dress shirt that’s both practical and tactical. Fit and quality are excellent.

Capitol Dress Shirt’s tapered athletic fit hugs the body without constricting movement. Shirt has curved hem for easy tucking. It’s available in Regular and Long sizes.

The Capitol Dress Shirt has a MSRP of $74.99. It’s offered in White Noise (crisp white) and Jettison Blue (classic blue) and comes in both Regular and Long sizes. The Capitol Dress Shirt and all Vertx products are available online from Vertx at or at authorized Vertx dealers.



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