September 28, 2021

Spotter Up

In Depth Tactical Solutions

Time to crush it.
For deficit push-ups I just throw a couple 45# bumpers on the floor to put my hands on and make sure I’m going through a full range of motion from chest on the floor to lockout.
After you warm up give me 5 sets of close grip bench, building up to a heavy 5. I consider close grip to be at, or just outside the edge of the smooth on the barbell. I prefer these, as opposed to a regular grip bench, because it’s much easier to keep our shoulders in a good position. There’s a lot of opportunity for shoulder injury as you start to strain on a normal grip bench because the shoulder has a tendency to internally rotate as stress is increased. We want to make sure that we are not only getting stronger, but remaining durable.
For the second strength portion, hammer all 10 reps on one arm before you switch to the other for 10. That’s one set. Give me a good stretch in the lat on the bent over row and then rip that mf’er up. For the Medball Chest Pass with Explosive Rebound, you can type that name in YouTube and it will bring the movement video up. Try to throw it through the wall. We are building power.
Enjoy the Engine Builder. It’s definitely one you need to pace yourself for. Don’t burn yourself out, but get to a steady boil. Post your total reps in the comments (AAB Cals count towards total reps).
Thanks for everyone who followed this page over the last couple days. We are just getting started but hope to provide great, free programming to everyone out there. Fitness shouldn’t be a secret.

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