August 18, 2022

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Thyrm LPC Clip — Low-Profile Deep-Carry Tactical Flashlight Clip

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Thyrm LPC Clip on SureFire G2ZX CombatLight

Thyrm® (pronounced “thē-ə-rəm”) has just come out with another innovative new product, the Low Profile Carry Clip (LPC Clip™). The LPC Clip is the undercover cousin to the company’s signature SwitchBack® Flashlight Ring. Introduced in 2014, the patented SwitchBack Flashlight Ring provides some unique capabilities that are not found in any other flashlight retention ring. I covered the SwitchBack Flashlight Ring in an article in Spotter Up some time ago.

Thyrm is a family-run business founded by Andrew Frazier to create innovative products for tactical and wilderness applications. The company is named after the giant Thyrm, King of the Jötnar, who according to Norse mythology stole Mjölnir, the hammer of the thunder god Thor.

The LPC Clip is compatible with many one-inch diameter flashlights. It is shown on SureFire G2ZX CombatLight.

Thyrm LPC Clip

You can have the best flashlight in the world but it won’t do you any good if you don’t have it with you when you need it. If it’s not practical and convenient to carry, you likely won’t carry it. And we all know the importance of a flashlight.

Carrying a tactical flashlight clipped inside a pocket is a popular option however not all flashlights are equipped with clips. Many tactical flashlights do not come with clips. Pocket carry without a clip can be awkward and make the flashlight more difficult to quickly deploy. It is also more prone to accidental activation. And not all flashlights with clips carry the same.

Consumer demand for a low-profile deep-carry flashlight pocket clip for EDC spurred the design of the LPC Clip. The LPC Clip is designed for bezel-down carry. The low-ride height of the LPC Clip minimizes the visual signature while still allowing you to index and draw your tactical flashlight quickly. It also keeps the tailcap switch less exposed and thus less prone to accidental activation.

The LPC Clip features:

Durable, non-conductive, no-scratch, injection-molded hard reinforced nylon polymer construction.

Pocket clip with optimized retention force.

MOLLE/PALS compatible.

Side grip texture and winglets that provide subtle control surfaces for no-slip handling and facilitating alternate grip techniques.

Lanyard hole for additional retention options. Fits 1/8-inch paracord and shock cord.

The LPC Clip is compatible with numerous flashlights that have a one-inch tailcap diameter. Flashlights with tailcaps larger than 1.004 inches (2.55016 cm) in diameter are not compatible with the LPC Clip. Thyrm has a helpful compatibility table on its website that lists flashlights that have been tested and found to be compatible. The table will be updated as testing is available.

The LPC Clip mounts securely between the tailcap and body of your flashlight in the same manner as the Switchback Flashlight Ring. Installation takes less than a minute. Simply unscrew the tailcap of the flashlight, add the LPC Clip, then screw the tailcap back into place. Leave sealing O-rings(s) that come with your flashlight on the light.

Some flashlights will require slightly different installation. The LPC Clip comes packaged with a rubber O-ring and an aluminum washer that are used as a spacer on certain flashlights. SureFire® flashlights lights with click-style tailcaps should not need the O-ring or the aluminum washer.

The LPC Clip is designed for deep carry with a smaller visual footprint, while facilitating fast deployment and enhanced retention.


I installed the LPC Clip on my SureFire G2ZX CombatLight®.The G2ZX doesn’t come with a pocket clip but comes with a lanyard that can be attached to a removable free-rotating ring on the flashlight between the body and tailcap.There has been a need for a pocket clip that works with the G2ZX and doesn’t impede the use of the Rogers-SureFire handgun grip technique which the flashlight is optimized for. The LPC Clip answers that need.

The LPC Clip integrates seamlessly with the design of the G2ZX. The low-profile deep-carry LPC Clip provides discreet indexed bezel-down pocket carry for rapid deployment of the G2ZX and doesn’t interfere with the flashlight’s CombatGrip® the signature CombatLight reduced diameter mid-section and rubber grip ring.

The LPC Clip is a game changer for EDC of the G2ZX. Pocket carry without a clip necessitates dropping the flashlight loose into the pocket with the lanyard protruding to draw it for easy access.

Another clip-less option is belt carry in a holster, such as the SureFire V70 Polymer Speed Holster. Although it is an excellent flashlight holster, the V70 is not low profile and thus less than ideal for EDC. Albeit adjustable to fit varying belt sizes, the V70 is nevertheless best suited for a duty belt.

I prefer to carry my EDC flashlight clipped in my pocket. I have been carrying the G2Z with the LPC Clip clipped in my support side front pocket. The LPC Clip provides enough tension to clip the flashlight securely in the pocket while allowing an easy draw.

The LPC Clip does not interfere with the use of any of the flashlight shooting techniques, including, as previously mentioned, the Rogers-Surefire technique. The clip does not create any uncomfortable “hot spots” in the hand.  The LPC Clip does provide for a more secure grip in the hand.

The SureFire lanyard ring on the G2Z will need to be removed prior to installing the LCP Clip. The spacers that are included with the LPC Clip are not used when installing the clip on the G2Z. They will interfere with the operation of the switch.

Summing Up

The LPC Clip is an outstanding product that allows for discreet flashlight pocket carry with easy access that facilitates rapid deployment. It will work on a number of different flashlight models. There are a lot of great lights out there that it will fit.

The LPC Clip is well-designed, well-made and ruggedly constructed. It is available in Black, Flat Dark Earth, Olive Drab and Urban Grey. Suggested retail price is $17.99. All Thyrm products are designed and made in the USA. The company backs all of its products for life.

To learn more or purchase, head over to or your favorite Thyrm dealer. Government orders:


Thyrm LLC

SureFire LLC

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