September 28, 2021

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THYRM CellVault-5M Modular Battery Case

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THYRM CellVault-5M

There are a number of battery storage on the market for carrying spare batteries. The THYRM® CellVault line stands out from the pack. The innovative design, rugged construction and versatility of the CellVault line are unmatched by other battery carriers. They keep cells safe, dry, organized and attached to gear, making power-ups fast and easy. They’re not just for batteries, either. They can be used to store other items as well. And of course, all CellVaults are MOLLE/PALS compatible

The CellVault-5M Modular Battery Case is user-configurable. It comes with modular inserts for 18650, 18350, CR123 batteries and has extra wells for CR2032 batteries. A Modular Insert Pak that includes additional battery inserts is available.

THYRM LLC is a family-run business founded by Andrew Frazier to create innovative products for tactical and wilderness applications. The company is named after the giant Thyrm, who was King of the Jötnar and, according to Norse mythology, stole Mjölnir, the hammer of the thunder god Thor. All THYRM products are designed and manufactured in the USA.

THYRM introduced the first CellVault back in 2016. The CellVault came about when an officer with the Stockton (CA) PD came to them with the idea of finding a way to carry extra batteries on his person without having to rearrange his kit. Existing battery carriers took up critical amounts of space. The CellVault line has grown to now include the original CellVault, CellVault XL and the new CellVault-5M Modular Battery Case. The patent-pending CellVault-5M is THYRM’s flagship modular battery storage solution for lithium-ion batteries.

THYRM CellVault-5M

The Cell-Vault-5M is ruggedly constructed and packed with features. Features include user-configurable storage, a gasket seal that keeps out water, dust, and dirt, quick MOLLE/PALS attachment system for external and internal mounting options, strap/latch holes for locks to prevent access to internals, as well as an external adhesive-backed loop Velcro® panel for ID and organization.

The bottom of the case has four wells for CR2032 batteries. Each well holds one CR2032 battery. The CR2032 batteries are secured with the modular battery inserts.

The case is of a low profile design. Case exterior dimensions are 6L x 3.5W x 1.4D inches with mount. It weighs 7 oz. without batteries. The durable hard reinforced nylon polymer construction keeps contents protected yet is very light in weight. Although the case is waterproof, it’s not rated for prolonged submersion or diving. You should occasionally inspect the gasket to make sure that it is free of debris to ensure proper seal.

The case has a wide lockable latch and feature a full clam-shell design that opens flat. The hinge pins are stainless steel. The latch is very secure and won’t open accidentally, yet is easy to operate. To open, you lift latch up and forward releasing the bottom catch arm. Reverse the process to close, engaging the catch arm and pushing down on the top latch

The locking MOLLE clips are also made of hard reinforced nylon polymer. The MOLLE clips are quickly detached from the case allowing you to easily weave them through PALS webbing or to remove the case. It’s similar to the attachment system used on the THYRM DarkVaults, which I covered previously for Spotter Up. The clips attach securely to PALS webbing without sagging. To install on PALS webbing you simply squeeze case from top and bottom to help release the clips, detach the clips from hinge, thread the clips through webbing, reattach to the hinge, and then press firmly until clips lock into place. To detach the case, squeeze bottom to release pressure and unclip, detach the hinge and remove from webbing.

The CellVault-5M is constructed of a rugged premium hard polymer. It features integrated hard polymer straps for attaching to PALS webbing. It also has a lockable over-center latch and is waterproof.

The Cell-Vault-5M comes with modular battery inserts for 18650, 18350, and CR123 lithium batteries. Two CR123 (x2), three 18650 (x1) and one 18350 (x3) insert are included. Although the CellVault-5M case comes with enough modular battery inserts for most users’ needs, THYRM is also offering a Modular Insert Pak that includes additional battery inserts to allow for practically every configuration possible (when paired with the inserts that come with the CellVault-5M case.

The modular battery inserts allow for custom configuration. To install the inserts, note the rail guides on the inner walls of the case, Insert the tabs on the battery insert into the rail guide and press down firmly. To remove the insert pull the pull tab on one side of the insert inward while pulling the insert out. The batteries snap into the inserts and are held securely in place. There’s absolutely no rattle. To remove a battery, you simply press down on one end of the battery and release it from the insert.

To store dead batteries, you remove the modular battery insert from the case, place the dead battery into insert, and then insert it back into case with the dead battery facing downward. It may require a tool, such as a Flathead screwdriver to pry up the insert in this configuration to remove it once back at base of operations and ready to recharge.

The bottom of the case has four wells for CR2032 lithium coin cell batteries. Each well holds one CR2032 battery. The CR2032 batteries are secured with the modular battery inserts.

To Sum Up

To sum it all up, the THYRM CellVault-5M is an outstanding piece of kit. It is exceptionally well designed and well-made. Not only does it keeps spare batteries protected, secure and organized, it offers a level of user-configurability for multiple battery types not found in other spare battery carriers. It’s available in Black, OD, Rescue Orange, and Flat Dark Earth. MSRP is $54.99. The Cell-Vault-5M and other THYRM products are available at authorized dealers or directly from THYRM.



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