January 19, 2021

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The Japanese Customs Agent and the 3D Mannequin Target Head

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During 1997 I received orders to the Scout Sniper Advanced Course at Quantico, Virginia; I was stationed on Okinawa Japan. I had been told that for one exercise all of the students were required to create a diversionary target.

For our Urban Snipers, we had realistic human shaped 3D targets; they looked real at a glance. I took off one of the removable female heads and threw her into my carry-on bag for my flight. I thought if I placed her in my main luggage that she would be damaged beyond use.

While I was going through Japanese customs a young girl politely asked if she could open my bag. I told her yes. She opened my bag and started pulling out items, like snacks, a CD player, etc.

All of a sudden she freaked out and jumped back. She saw the 3d head wrapped up in a clear plastic bag. It took quite some time to explain to the Japanese police that it was just a diversionary target for a school I was going to. They let me keep the head.

I used the head in school and then left it at the schoolhouse rather than go through another customs situation.

The moral of the story: Do not travel through Japanese customs with a female head in your carry-on bag.


Photo: III MEF SOTG Urban Sniper Course Live Fire, Combat Town CTA Okinawa 1990s.

Note: Every student we ever had carried our female 3D targets by their boobs; and the male targets usually by the throat. What does that say about us????

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