In the PSD world, your suit is considered part of your gear. Looking good and professional is key for business, but if you add comfort and durability, then you not only look good but you’re ready for battle. Having worn suits during Protective Details this suit from the Suit Man Tactical Suits is one of the most tactically functional and fitted suits for everyday use. As I was assessing the suit, the weather was around 40 degrees and slightly windy, but the suit was comfortable and adaptable to the elements. The Tri-blend Silk material is breathable, flexible, and resilient, but the lining blocked the cool breeze.   There is a definite feeling of superiority between “Suit Man” suits, than that of a standard suit.  I can tell that the manufacturer thought extensively about the quality and functionality, compared to others with simple designs, and not developed for rigorous use. I left the label on and took it straight out of the box. I made alterations later on so it fit to my tall size.

During my review of this suit, I have worn it to casual and formal functions, and tested it at the shooting range using a rifle and hand gun in different practical target engaging positions, from standing, kneeling and prone position.  The high shoulders allowed me to get in these different positions with ease and recover with little adjustment. The jacket has slits on the each side that allows easy access to all my equipment, and at the same time concealing it with very minimal printing.

The inner lining frayed once my Glock 19, Rodger Edition, stippled grip began rubbing up against it, but the Sig 229 had no issues. I was able to draw my handgun with the coat’s top button buttoned, just as easy as it was doing it unbuttoned. Additional inside pockets allowed me to secure my large wallet, two cellphones and pack of gum without any noticeable shifting in the jacket, as in other jackets I’ve worn.  If wearing an inner body armor vest, you may want request the next size to compensate for girth, especially for the larger muscular sized person.  However, from the basic measurements being used, this was a great fit.

The pants, even with the extra material, seem to stretch and form with the bending of the knees, making it less restrictive than your ordinary suit material, and less impact to my knees when kneeling on the concrete. The stitching is very durable and survived through my rigorous bending and moving around. The additional pants buttons gave a more secured waist support for my handgun, two full mags, radio and IFAK, which also kept the pants from sagging.

When worn in the rain the suit was strikingly resistive to the wet weather. The water that beaded up on the material was able to be brushed off by hand, which produced less weight to the suit, as opposed the other suits I’ve worn in the past. I definitely appreciated and enjoyed reviewing this suit.

This suit was made by a reputable designer, Stewarrt Altschuler, that specializes in law enforcement apparel. The Suit Man is located in New York and delivers to your door step. The suits are set at a fair price, and should be a part of your daily gear. The suit comes in four colors: charcoal, gray, Navy blue and black. Let’s recap-Easy access to your weapon due to the special side vents and back slits. There is room for your radio, badge, handcuffs and gun. Comfortable fit.

In summary:

  • Strong stitching
  • Durable material
  • Tactically Functional
  • Easy weapon’s draw buttoned or unbutton
  • Forms and flexes with body movements
  • Additional buttons on the pants keep the them in place with little adjustments
  • Fit for everyday wear, formal, casual, protection detail, everyday police/detective work
  • Inner lining material needs to be able to work with stippled grip/frame
  • Need next size up when wearing body armor
  • Good for wide shoulders and wide back
  • Good for those with a fuller chest, bigger arms and forearms
  • Pants are NOT pleated

I believe with the minor adjustments, this is a very exceptional suit and a great investment for anyone for EDC, Protective Detail Specialists, Law Enforcement and Security Professionals. The suits can be ordered either in Tri-Blend for $350.00 or Wool for $50.00 more. Jackets come in various sizes. Pants come in various waist sizes but only one long length. Simply take the pants to your local tailor and get them hemmed. Extra Pair of Pants (100% Wool only) costs (+$125.00) For a suit that is priced under $500.00, not a bad job! Keep in mind that the suits are manufactured in China.

Cost: 4/5 Roughly $350.00

Comfortability: 4/5 needs adjustments for different body make-up

Functionality: 5/5

Weight: 4/5

Overall Rating: 17/20

Material Disclosure

I received this product as a courtesy from the manufacturer via Spotter Up so I could test it and give my honest feedback. I am not bound by any written, verbal, or implied contract to give this product a good review. All opinions are my own and are based off my personal experience with the product.

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By Sam

Sam has been in federal law enforcement for 6 years. During his brief time with his agency he was tasked to play an intricate role in the successful organization of a Tactical Response Team. He has trained with some of the top law enforcement agencies and shooting/tactics instructors in the US. His prior experience came from approx. 9 years of local law enforcement working in one of the top five most dangerous areas in America. Of those years, 7 were spent on the city SWAT Team, 2 years in Street Crimes and he spent hundreds of additional hours working DUI. Sam has over 200 tactical missions under his belt, and over 400 drug and warrant arrests. During his career in law enforcement he successfully completed and received several certifications to include: • Arkansas Law Enforcement Training Academy • Federal Law Enforcement Training Academy (FLETC) • NRA Law Enforcement handgun/shotgun Instructor • Basic Firearm Instructor • Basic Tactics Instructor • Law Enforcement Instructor Training Program • General Instructor • Rappel Master/Instructor • SWAT Level 1 Certification • Basic/Advanced SWAT Certification (Illinois State Police) • Active Shooter Response • Individual Protective Measures Training Program • Protective Service Operations Training Program • Dignitary and Witness Protection for Law Enforcement (LEGION) • High Risk Environmental Protection Program (LEGION) • First Aid/CPR/TCCC • Hand to hand assault/counter assault • Advanced defensive driving Sam was deployed to an active war zone for several months, where he was a team leader for motorcade movements while overseas in hostile territory. His responsibilities were scheduled pick-up/drop-offs, route recon, advanced firearms training and emergency Quick Response Force training for his team. Jay subscribes to the Spotter Up way of life. “I will either find a way or I will make one”.

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