August 18, 2022

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STA Platoon MMA Warriors

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It has been said, I picture tells a thousand words; here are 350 words. This photo was taken right after the story below.

Mt Fuji – Live Fire Patrols

Our final live fire for the deployment, 1993-4 was a six-day patrol from South Fuji to North Fuji. My Doc (Navy Corpsman) and I were the only SSP members not patrolling. After inserting all the two-man teams at the farthest point South of the training areas surrounding Mt Fuji Japan, Doc and I began setting up live fire ranges. The Teams had to patrol from their insert point to the first range and then to the next range. After each unknown distance shoot the teams were allowed to get more food and water from my truck. The teams would hit one to two ranges each day until we made it all the way to the known distance rifle range in North Fuji where we conducted moving target and chaos shooting drills. This patrol lasted for five days. The moral of the story: Live fire patrols are a great training exercises and should be used often; when and where possible.

On another note about the dudes in this photo:

STA Platoon MMA Warriors

During 1986 I was selected for duty with STA Platoon 3/3. As soon as I arrived, I was placed in charge of all Close Combat Training (now called MCMAP). From 86-89 and again from 91-94 I trained all of our Scout Snipers in Aiki-Jutsu; mixed with many other martial arts systems. STA 3/3 produced some of the baddest mothers to ever walk the face of the earth. We trained constantly. Even in the field we would circle up and fight or even running “kill trails.” Kill trails were where we would have patrols go through certain areas where our guys were hiding in the jungle in wait. As the patrols would enter the kill zone our Scout Snipers would jump them and simulate kills with rubber knives. We trained to fight with our hands, feet, elbows, knees, heads, weapons, improvised weapons, etc. STA 3/3 was producing MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fighters long before the term ever existed.


Photo: STA 3/3 Mount Fuji Japan 93/94′ deployment.

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