July 6, 2022

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My First Date and the Gussie L’amour’s Brawl

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Diatribes of a Knucklehead

During December 1987, I ran the Honolulu Marathon.  I met my future wife the same afternoon.

Five days later we went out on our FIRST DATE with a friend and his girlfriend.  We went to a local watering hole named “Gussie L’amour’s.”  We often partied at Gussie’s, which was located just outside the Gate to Pearl Harbor Naval Base.  Due to its proximity, it was more like an Navy E-Club (Enlisted Club); filled with lots of enlisted sailors.

After we had settled in to listen to some music things went to shit.  A sailor walked over to my friend (Kevin) and stood over him; talking shit – I could not hear what was being said.  I noticed the sailor had a few friends that were surrounding our table.  My friend stood up and knocked the crap out of the sailor; and the brawl began.  I immediately took down the closest sailor to me and held him down in a choke hold and began multiple punches to his face.  As I was chocking him out and beating his face, one of his friends tried to punch me in the face.  Somehow, I saw the punch coming and I pulled my head back.  My hands were tied up in my choke hold, so I bit the other sailors arm and held on; to the bite.  Kevin was fighting a couple of sailors and I was fighting two more.  Other sailors came over to jump in, so a young Marine, who we did not know jumped in to help us.  So, then it was three Marines against at least five sailors.  We were doing well, but more sailors were moving in for the kill.

Luckily for us the bouncers helped us get out of there.  At one point during the fight I saw my date get involved.  When we got back to Kevin’s girlfriend’s apartment I notice my date had blood all over her silk dress:

I said, “Are you okay?”

She responded with, “I am fine; it is not my blood.”

Right then I knew I had to marry her; and I did.

I never saw any of them (sailors) again, but I was told the dude I was choking and punching in the face still had a pretty bad shiner (black eye) a month later.  I think I punched him about 18,000 times in one eye.

The moral of the story:  If you are going to jump a Marine, expect the worst.


Image from duckduckgo

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