Everyone has an opinion on what constitutes the perfect Every Day Carry (EDC) knife.

Some criteria people commonly look for when selecting an EDC knife include durability, edge retention, weight, egernomics, and ease of deployment. Sometimes what matters the most is how cool it looks. While asthetics in a knife are important, I tend to lean more towards functionality over looks. One solid EDC option that combines asthetics with function is the Spyderco Manix 2 Lightweight.

Spyderco produces this knife in a varity of steels, and handle colors. The one I selected has a CTS-XHP blade and a brown fiberglass reinforced co-polymer (FRCP) handle.

The knife weighs in at only 2.9 ounces which is impressive considering it boasts an overall length of 8”, and a blade length of 3.37”. The Manix 2 lightweight is not a small knife, but it weighs less than many knives half its size. It is so light it practley dissipears in the pocket when combined with the functional tip up pocket clip.

The wire pocket clip allows the knife to ride low in the pocket, unobtrusive but still readily accessable. It is also reversable for left side carry (tip up only). It does not snag or gouge car doors like some other pocket clip designs nor does it attract attention. If you are going for the whole “grayman” thing this clip is for you.

The FRCP handle has bi-directional traction with a lanyard hole. I have fairly large hands and I still have room to spare on the handle.

The deep finger choil allows the user to choke up on the blade for detail work. Both the thumb ramp and the finger choil feature excellent jimping. This allows the user to lock in a very solid grip in a forward or reverse grip and with the index finger on the choil for finer tasks.

The Leaf shape full flat grind blade is hair shaving sharp out of the box. Options for this knife include BD-1, CTS-XHP, CPM-S110V, and CTS-Maxamet, all of which are excellent options and are heat treated for hardness and edge retention. CTS-XHP is easy to sharpen and is very resistant to corrosion, and has superior edge durability over many other stainless steels.

With a 14 mm deployment hole (Spyderco’s patented “Spyder Hole”), the blade is easy to access with either the thumb or middle finger, even when wearing gloves.  Lock up is rock solid with no movement and blade centering is excellent. The locking mechanism is a Caged Ball Bearing Lock which is completely ambidextrous. The knife can also be swung open by pulling back on the lock and rotating out the blade with a flick of the wrist.

The knife is big enough for defensive use, yet is so light you almost forget it is in your pocket. It performs exceptionally in normal EDC cutting tasks and food preperation. I feel that it combines the perfect blend of size and weight with functionality for an EDC, backpacking, or personal defense knife (where legal).  It is also very affordable with  street prices ranging from 75-90 dollars.

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SFC Caleb VanVoorhis is an active duty Infantryman with 13 years of experience. He has spent 48 months deployed in both Iraq and Afghanistan. He also spent time as a Drill Sergeant, a High Risk Personal Security Detail team member, and as an Advisor. Van has an associate’s degree in criminal justice, and is an avid shooter and cross country runner. He enjoys spending his free time hunting, fishing, shooting and building guns or reading military history and small arms development.

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