Mon. Aug 3rd, 2020

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SHOT Show 2018: Walther PPS M2 RMSC

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Another new release this year that is new in terms of out-of-the-box performance is the Walther PPS M2 RMSC. As soon as Walther released the PPS M2, it was an instant win for users who prefer the PPQ M2 ergonomics and trigger. Now, Walther is offering this highly preferred and loved pistol with a Shield RMSC right out of the box. This is an answer to the growing popularity of red dot sights on carry pistols. Walther, I guess, figured that they might as well provide an option for the market.

The Walther PPS was already a very popular pistol, but now, I think Walther may have just raised the bar for the other manufacturers. Nothing new there since they raised the bar in terms of ergonomics and trigger characteristics with their PPQ M2. Now I am curious to see how many other manufacturers jump on this idea as well.