Tue. Aug 11th, 2020

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In Depth Tactical Solutions

One of the pistols newly released in 2018 is the Walther PPQ Sub Compact, which has been on peoples wish list for years. Shooting the pistol at range day was a blast, even though it was only a few rounds.


On the showroom floor, I was able to get more detail on the pistol. The only detail left out was the MSRP, which is $649. Other than that, without getting a week to shoot this pistol to death, all I can provide is the information you get here in this video.


Overall, when it comes to pistols that are reliable and capable of serving you well, the list can be long. But there are few pistols on the market that are known for having stock triggers that sets a standard, as well as damn near perfect ergos right out of the box. Walther has, no doubt, set the standard for triggers and ergos in pistols. Now with the PPQ Sub Compact, they have a complete line of pistols that answer pretty much every need someone could have, right out of the box.

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