July 25, 2021

Spotter Up

In Depth Tactical Solutions

The bullpup rifle is becoming more popular as the variety increases and the designs advance to incorporate similar operating features as more familiar weapons such as the AR15 style rifles. But as a concept, the bullpup requires a unique mindset and willingness to accept certain changes fro the familiar concepts that have become a subject of dogmatic loyalty. One such criticism many bullpups encounter and are bombarded by is the lack of an intuitive method of reloading.

The bullpup reload requires nothing more than a little practice to develop a familiarity with the manual of arms. I have had a wide range of experience with different types of bullpups and have found that as long as you adopt a method that is universal, the reloads will become more intuitive to the shooter.

There are several methods for reloading conventional rifles and tricks to faster reloads while bullpups in general have very limited methods in which to perform a reload. In my experience, I have found that the bullpup reloads are generally more effective if you manually charge it. This prevents a foul up if the bolt fails to lock to the rear. There are several reasons that this could happen from low pressure ammo to accidentally releasing the bolt while performing a reload. This is mostly a problem I have seen and encountered on the Tavor though.

Develop a bullpup reload method that works universally and you will be set up to not only be more efficient, but be better prepared for any possible outcome you should run into while shooting without slowing you down.

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