Now located in middle Tennessee. Royal Arms International, Inc., was established in Southern California in 1984, as a manufacturer of specialized tactical breaching, hostage rescue, CQC and EOD/IED bomb disposal equipment for law enforcement, military and government agencies worldwide. Royal Arms manufactures all of its products in the USA at its Tennessee facility, using USA-made materials. Royal Arms is veteran owned and operated.

The Royal Arms Impact Initiated Safety Flash Bang (RISF) was developed to overcome the problems associated with traditional M201 fuse type flash bangs. Standard M201 fuse type flash bangs have a delay of 1.5 seconds +/- 0.3 seconds. This creates uncertainty as to the where the flash bang will actually deflagrate.

Royal Arms no-roll impact flash bangs “blow” where you throw, giving you greater flexibility and safety when you deploy the device. You can deploy it against any hard surface, such as a floor, wall, ceiling, window, slider, second story, car door, etc. It’s not an explosive. It won’t become so hot it will start fires, it’s cool to the touch immediately after firing and produces minimal smoke. You don’t have to worry about the fuse separating and injuring personnel. They are user serviceable and reloadable.

Royal Arms impact flash bangs are hand deployed in the same manner as a standard flash bang. They’re the only non-fuzed pyrotechnic flash bangs that I’m aware of that employ both a pull ring and safety spoon. These are big pluses, especially for training. The goal in training must be realistic simulation. For training to be meaningful, it must be as close to reality as possible.

Royal Arms impact flash bangs have an inertia driven firing mechanism. They may be loaded with Royal Arms FBC Flash Bang Cartridge power load or a standard #209 shotshell primer. A special primer adapter insert is included to employ 209 primers.

Royal Arms impact flash bangs are sold for training purposes only. Although Royal Arms restricts sales to law enforcement, military and government (certification in the use and deployment of NFDDs required credentials will be verified prior to shipment), the impact flash bangs aren’t classified as destructive devices by the ATF, as defined at 27 CFR § 479.11. There’s no ATF approval or record keeping requirement, thus saving agencies time and paperwork. The loaded impact flash bangs do fall under the Federal explosives regulations at 27 CFR, Part 555.

Royal Arms FBG-MK4 comes in either a Basic Kit or an Advanced Kit. The Advanced Kit is shown. The kits coantain everything that you need to train with the FBG-MK4.

There have been four generations of Royal Arms impact flash bangs. The new FBG-MK4, which became available in 2020, is the latest generation. It replaces the FBG-MK3.

Royal Arms FBG-MK4

The new Royal Arms FBG-MK4 is an ergonomically designed low-profile, low or high output device for special operations use. It measures 4.5 inches (36.83 cm) in length and weighs 10.58 ounces (300 g). It’s compatible with the A.C.S. Flash-Bang Grenade Trigger Pouch® for the Rheinmetall (NICO) Sound and Flash Distraction Device. It also fits well in most 40mm munitions pouches.

The FBG-MK4 represents a major overhaul of the company’s impact flash bangs. All aspects have been re-designed and re-engineered, based on the input of many top-level operators. Royal Arms listened to end-users and realized what improvements could be made. The improvements aren’t just superficial. They’re significant and greatly enhance the capability and performance.

Features of the FBG-MK4 include:

Stainless steel body and firing mechanism
Polycarbonate low-cost replaceable hi-viz safety spoons
Quick Lock Stub Acme Threads
O-ring sealed chamber for positive lockup
New chamber port design for optimal pressure output and minimal movement
Enhanced / enlarged critical areas
Enhanced firing mechanism
• Enhanced safety features
Heat treatment to exacting tolerance
Black Melonite® nitride finish for durability and reduced IR signature
Increased impact strength
Increased abrasion resistance

The FBG-MK4 is designed to provide realistic training at low cost. The Royal Arms FBC Flash Bang Cartridge power loads and the 209 primers give you two low cost options for training. There are no special storage requirements for either when not chambered/ loaded in the device.

The FBC Flash Bang Cartridges produce 175 dB at 5 feet (1.5 m), 4 psi (27.57 kPa) of overpressure and a bright 500,000+ candela flash. Although 4 psi is often cited as a “safe” baseline threshold, this is an oversimplification. Multiple low level exposures can still be damaging, along with other variables such as blast duration and reflections, physical condition and dehydration. Needless to say, PPE is mandatory with FBC Flash Bang Cartridges, the same as with a standard flash bang.

The 209 primers produce approximately 118 dB at 5 feet (1.5 m) They’re loud enough for effective training, but still hearing-safe. This makes them ideal for role-playing scenario-based / force-on-force training. Operators don’t need to be subjected to unnecessary hearing damage or overpressure. Plus, training can be conducted in more locations than would be possible with a higher output.

Depending on the training scenario, Royal Arms FBG-MK4 may be employed with either standard #209 primers or Royal Arms 12 Ga FBC Flash Bang Cartridges. The FBC Flash Bang Cartridges produce 175 dB, 4 psi of overpressure and 500k+ cd. The 209s will be the load of choice for most training, being hearing safe and costing only pennies per deployment.

When considering dB levels, it’s important to keep in mind that dBs are logarithmic. Two levels levels that differ by one dB have a power ratio of 10. Short term unprotected exposure to SPL exceeding 130 dB may result in mechanical cochlear damage to the human ear. Although no permanent hearing loss should result from a single exposure to a flash bang, the effects of loud noises are cumulative and irreversible.

The 209 primers will be the loading of choice for most training scenarios. For those training scenarios in which it’s desirable to have an output that approximates a standard flash bang, the Royal Arms FBC Flash Bang Cartridges can be employed.  A box of 25 FBC Flash Bang Cartridges will run you $100.00, which is significantly less per bang than fuzed flash bangs. Royal Arms also offers a case of 500 cartridges for additional savings. The 209 primers definitely are the most cost effective way to conduct flash bang training, running only around 5¢ each. You won’t find any flash bang training system that can even come close to that, save for inert flash bangs. The costs on competing systems can quickly add up. The FBC Flash Bang Cartridges and 209 primers ship as a ORM-D Consumer Commodity, the same as standard ammunition. UPS Ground and FedEx Ground don’t require a hazardous shipping contract to ship ORM-D packages (except to Alaska and Hawaii). This further keeps costs down. You get more bangs for your training bucks.

Different colored safety spoons may be utilized to clearly designate FBG-MK4s with the different loads. The FBG-MK4 spoons are available in four high-visibility color options green, yellow red and blue. The spoons are replaceable and available for purchase separately from Royal Arms. Royal Arms also has Black and Translucent/Clear spoons but these spoons aren’t readily available, as they’re only for cut away examples and classroom training purposes.

During my testing of the FBG-MK4, it has proven100% reliable when deployed within its intended design parameters. Tumbling the device when deploying it will ensure activation. Loading and reloading takes only seconds. The spent FBC Flash Bang Cartridge hulls sometimes do stick in the chamber, requiring the use of a special extraction tool (which is included) to push them out. The spoon may also be used as a tactical extraction tool. No tool is necessary with the 209 primers, which always drop free. Engineering, materials and workmanship on FBG-MK4 is outstanding, as has been the case with all Royal Arms products that I have used or evaluated.

A.C.S. Flashbang Grenade Trigger Pouch

As was mentioned, the FBG-MK4 is compatible with the A.C.S. Flashbang Grenade Trigger Pouch for the Rheinmetall (NICO) Sound and Flash Distraction Device. Designed and manufactured in Israel by A.C.S. Industries, Ltd., the patented Trigger Pouch allows for quick, one-handed one-action extraction and deployment. It has seven separate security mechanisms, making it the safest pouch on the market. Not only is it safer, it’s six times faster than conventional pouches, according to the manufacturer.

The Trigger Pouch is made of the same rugged ROHS Plustik composite polymer material used to manufacture Tavor® rifles and utilizes stainless steel springs. The FlashbBang Grenade Trigger Pouches are MOLLE compatible and are available in Black, Desert, Green and Olive Green. It’s MIL-STD-810F and MIL-STD- 810-G compliant.

The Trigger Pouch is available for a variety of flash bangs, as well as M26 and M67 fragmentation grenades, STANAG magazines, and MK3 Police Size chemical spray. The Trigger Pouch is standard issue to Israel’s elite National Counter Terrorism Unit “Yamam.” It’s an outstanding piece of kit. Once you use it, you’ll never go back to conventional pouches. The Trigger Pouch is available in the US from Royal Arms.

FBG-MK4 Basic and Advanced Kit

Royal Arms FGB-MK4 is compatible with A.C.S. Industries Flashgbang Grenade Trigger Pouch. Developed by Advanced Combat Solutions (A.C.S.) and featuring one-handed operation, it’s a simplified way to quickly and safely extract and deploy a flash bang.

The FBG-MK4 comes in either a Basic Kit or an Advanced Kit. Both kits contain everything that you need to train with the FBG-MK4.

FBG-MK4 Basic Kit (FBG-KB)
• 1x Royal Arms Impact Initiated Safety Flash Bang Body reusable (FBG-Mk4)
• 1x Yellow Safety Lever Spoon (FBG-SLPC-Y)
• 10x Flash Bang Cartridge power loads (FBC)
• 100x 12Ga 209 Primers (209)
• 1x Primer Adapter (FBG-PA)

FBG-MK4 Advanced Kit (FBG-KA)
• 1x Royal Arms Impact Initiated Safety Flash Bang Body reusable (FBG-MK4)
• 2x Yellow Safety Lever Spoon (FBG-SLPC-Y)
• 1x Blue Safety Lever Spoon (FBG-SLPC-B)
• 2x Pull Ring Safety Pins (FBG-SPR4)
• 3x Replacement Springs for Safety Spoon (FBG-S4)
• 20x Flash Bang Cartridge power loads (FBC)
• 100x 209 Primers (209)
• 1x Primer Adapter (FBG-PA)
• 1x Flash Bang Holster A.C.S. Trigger Pouch (FBG-TP1)
• 1x MTM Case Gard
® custom locking hard case w/ fitted foam insert to hold all parts (FBG-CC1)

In Conclusion

The FBG-MK4 takes Royal Arms’ impact flash bangs to a new level. It’s an outstanding cost effective training tool that allows teams to train more often, in more places and with much greater safety. Realistic NFDD/FSDD training has never been more affordable.

The Basic Kit will run you $299.00. The Advanced kit goes for $399. This may seem like a lot, but if you factor in the per use cost, the FBG-MK4 will quickly pay for itself. The FBG-MK4 has a two-year unlimited warranty. The A.C.S. Trigger Pouch for the FBG-MK4 is available from Royal Arms for $49.00.

International customers should contact Royal Arms’  partner and international distributor Torc Precision, Ltd., located in the UK.

Royal Arms FBG-MK4 RISF

Manufacturer: Royal Arms International
Model: FBG-MK4 H Series
Type: Royal Arms Impact Initiated Safety Flash Bang (RISF)
Length: 4.5 in. (11.43 cm)
Weight: 10.58 oz. (300 g)
Load: FBC Flash Bang Cartridge or #209 Primer
Output: 175 dB @ 5 ft. (1.5 m), 500K+ cd w/ FBC Flash Bang Cartridges
Reloadable: Yes
User Serviceable: Yes
A.C.S. Trigger Pouch Compatible: Yes
Delivery Means: Hand-Held Thrown / Tossed
Use: Law Enforcement, Military
Country of Origin: USA
Warranty: Two-Year Unlimited
Price: Basic Kit $299.00; Advanced Kit $399.00


Royal Arms International, Inc.

Torc Precision, Ltd.

A.C.S. Industries, Ltd.

Material Disclosure

I received this product as a courtesy from the manufacturer so I could test it and give my honest feedback. I am not bound by any written, verbal or implied contract to give this product a good review. All opinions are my own and are based off my personal experience with the product.

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