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Aggressor Pack RE Factor Tactical

This is the gear review for the Aggressor pack manufactured by RE Factor Tactical. The Aggressor is designed to offer the user a low-profile pack that can mount to their plate carrier or be worn as a backpack.  The pack has both a top and bottom opening that are closed with a zipper.  When the included sleeve is inside the pack it can either be pulled out the bottom opening via an adjustable pull tab or out the top like a traditional backpack. Included is a separate compartment for a hydration bladder (not included) with a port for the hose.  This can also double as an antenna/radio pocket if needed.

Included with the Aggressor are two straps that allow the aggressor to be worn as a backpack.  It also can attach to the interior sleeve as a sling allowing the user to sling the sleeve around themselves and continue handsfree movement.  Finally, RE Factor Tactical included a 4 x 3.5″ sleeve that hides behind a patch panel for survival accessories.

I will discuss the bag in five categories…Cost, Durability, Weight, Function, and Comfort. Here are some of the manufacturer’s specifications:

  • Made in the USA (Berry Compliant)
  • 9 x 12 x 1″ (expands to 6″ deep)
  • 1000D Cordura
  • 1lb
  • MOLLE mountable
  • Ambidextrous access pull to inner sleeve
  • Fits 1.5L hydration bladder (not included)
  • Medical Items not included


Removable Pouch

Cost– The Aggressor pack has a retail price of $134.99. This isn’t bad for the quality you receive in this product. It is well made. The company who manufactures the bag, RE Factor Tactical, offers a 6-month manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase. More details can be found on the company’s website (

Durability– Appears durable. High quality 1000 D Cordura nylon, and quality zippers are used in the construction of the bag. The inner removable pouch is also well built with reinforced sewing especially on the nylon pull strap that allows you to remove the pouch while wearing it on your back.

Weight– The weight of the empty bag isn’t much, even when loaded down with a 50-ounce hydration bladder and medical supplies, the weight was hardly noticeable on the back of a fully loaded plate carrier.

Function– Depending on what the user wishes to carry in the Aggressor, this will determine how well it functions. I did some research on this pack and its original purpose was to be used as a more streamlined version of an individual first aid kit or IFAK. In this capacity, I believe the pack performs best. Instead of a bulky IFAK pouch which may stick out or protrude out away from the body and get knocked around and bumped, it is flatter and rides on the back which is better for the contents to prevent them from getting damaged. As a former Special Forces Medical Sergeant, I understand some of the problems with protecting medical gear in a dynamic and chaotic environment.

The dimensions of the bag are cut close with most SAPI cut plate carriers. The choice of colors available are black, tan, Ranger green, and multi-cam. The one I was sent for this review was multi cam. There is a main compartment, a smaller pocket for hydration bladders, and a pile side Velcro panel for identification panels or markers which also conceals a small pocket behind it to store survival items. There are also 3 sections of PALS webbing sewed into each flank of the hydration bladder pocket to allow the user to attach other pouches and equipment to the exterior of the pack. These webbing sections are approximately 3 inches long and allow for the hydration pocket to expand. So, if you are attaching anything to these sections of webbing they will be loose depending on how full you pack the container. For example, I attached a flashbang grenade in its own pouch and it jostled around with rigorous movement.

The hydration pocket has a port in one of the upper corners for the user to place a drinking tube through it. It is expandable and accommodates many sized bladders. The largest I carried in it was a 50-ounce bladder. Other items can be carried in this pocket if one doesn’t wish to use it for water.

Drinking Tube Port



Velcro ID Panel and Storage Pocket

The backside of the Aggressor has several rows of PALS/MOLLE webbing sewn to it to attach to a carrier with the included 4 plastic MOLLE attaching tabs. The pack can be carried either attached to a plate carrier or with 2 sling/shoulder straps which are also included. These straps can also be attached to the insert if the user only chooses to carry it alone by attaching a single strap and slinging it over the shoulder. These straps are fully adjustable.

Aggressor with Sling/Shoulder Straps

The insert has a pull strap which can be used to pull the insert from the bottom of the Aggressor pack for fast deployment in situations where speed is essential. It also has a 2-inch-wide Velcro strip across the top for attaching identification markers or panels. There are 1-inch nylon webbing sewed to it to attach MOLLE/PALS accessories or the included straps for carrying.

The insert has a zipper to open it clamshell style. The interior has several sections of 1-inch stretch webbing sew in different configurations to allow you to store many different items you might require. There are also 2 mesh compartments on, 1 on each side that can be closed with a zipper. Each side also has nylon pockets sewn into them for storage of flat items. One side has an extra layer sewed into itself for a large pocket for larger items such as occlusive chest seals. There are many options with this insert.

Insert Opened Up with Medical Supplies

Comfort– The comfort level of this pack is great. If worn attached attached to a plate carrier it’s not even noticeable. If worn with the sling straps, it becomes weight dependent. The straps are 1-inch nylon flat webbing, so if the pack is loaded heavy, it can possibly be uncomfortable if worn for long periods of time. It is very user friendly and is entirely up to the person who packs it.

In closing, The Re Factor Aggressor pack is a versatile and durable piece of equipment that offers its user many options. I believe it has great potential as an expanded medical first aid kit (IFAK) or even a combat lifesaver bag. I have a lot of experience with medical packs and pouches and this one is extremely low profile and keeps your supplies safe and out of the way until needed. Not to mention the fact that is can be used in many other ways besides medical equipment. I look forward to utilizing it in many future operations and courses that I instruct.

Side View Mounted on a Plate Carrier

Top Access to Insert

Hydration Bladder Pocket

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