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I was sent the Propper V2 Hoodie at the beginning of December, right in the middle of a random Colorado snow storm., so it was great timing to try out a versatile layering piece. My experience with Propper is limited to my time in the Marines, I had a few garments and didn’t have any complaints so I was looking forward to seeing and testing the V2. At first glance after opening the packaging the touch and feel of the smooth-faced fleece were nice and it had a good stretch, which I really like when layering. The ¾ zip was also a pleasant surprise given I have never been much a fan of half zips, the ¾ looks to give more flexibility when layering with a jacket.

Specifications (from the Propper website)

Athletic, warm and lightweight, the Propper V2 Hoodie is a versatile layering piece, perfect for a wide range of temperatures. Comfortable jersey fleece provides a snug athletic fit for fluid movement, and the 3/4 zipper offers plenty of ventilation. Thumbholes keep your sleeves in place, and secured pockets help you store essentials close to your body.

  • Smooth-faced fleece material with stretch
  • Athletic fit
  • Large zippered left chest pocket
  • Small zippered left wrist pocket
  • Contoured hood
  • Thumbholes at cuffs
  • 7 oz. 53% polyester / 38% nylon / 9% spandex fleece

Fit and Finish

Trying it on for the first time I found that the sizes run a little big. I am 5 feet 8 inches and weigh 185 pounds and typically large fits me perfect in just about anything. The V2 was just a tad too big for me but the athletic fit saves it from being too big to wear. The inside is a nice fleece which makes it very comfortable and the ¾ zip made putting on and removing the V2 very easy. The addition of thumb holes is a plus, however, they are a little small and could maybe stand to be a little more ergonomically shaped if someone were to want to use them the entire time while wearing the V2, I just use them when putting on a hard or soft shell over the V2.

Convenience and Use

With the addition of the large chest pocket and the left wrist pocket, the V2 can be used on its own when the weather doesn’t call for a shell to wear over the V2. However, the left breast pocket is pretty large, I could easily put an iPad mini in the pocket and zip it up. For some, it might be too large, making it feel unorganized. I suggest using the pocket for papers or documents, but that is going to be very user dependent. The left wrist pocket was perfect for a key fob of any size and I really like having that option. Overall, I would rather have the cargo space of that pocket rather than too little space. The zippers are precise and solid, I had no issues with them while wearing the V2.

One of the first things I do when I get a hoodie is remove the drawstrings, I just do not like them. The V2 comes contoured and no drawstrings, I love this and very happy that they incorporated this. The ¾ zip goes all the way to the neck, just below the chin and is separate from the hood. Propper did a very good job with this design and I am very impressed. I wore the hood with the zipper completely up in 26-degree weather and light 5 mph wind. I recommend wearing a shell with it if you plan on being out longer than 15 mins or so, depending on your tolerance, but I was fine and quite comfortable.

I layered the V2 with my Triple Aught Design Rouge RS jacket, which isn’t lined. The combination of the unlined shell and the V2 made a perfect pairing, I was really impressed. The Rouge is cut shorter than the V2 so some of the bottom peeked out below the shell, however, I did not mind it at all as I like function more than anything and these two weren’t meant to be used together.  On one particular day, it was in the single digits and I decided to layer the V2 with my Kitanica Mark VI jacket. This proved to be a very good combo and the 10-15 mph wind didn’t bother me at all and I was plenty warm and comfortable, this will defiantly be an option for me in the future in similar type of weather.


In today’s day and age of the boutique gear company’s selling gear for 3-4 times the price, sometimes its good to add a piece of clothing that is a great price, quality materials, and a very functional design. Don’t get me wrong, I buy and have purchased a lot of gear from those companies, but I highly suggest adding the V2 into your rotation or having it on hand for the random weather changes. Propper did a fine job in meeting and exceeding my expectations in areas like hood ergonomics, athletic fit, and the ¾ zip.

Material Disclosure

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