Last week I visited TBM (Technical Bureau Müller) in the Netherlands. I will be posting reviews of some products and a full company profile in the near future. For more information on the products, please contact TBM at:

The System

Live-fire scenario based training must include as much of the stress and unpredictability of a target as possible. Most of this kind of training is still done with static 2D targets or force on force with simunitions. The Range Robot offers an option to incorporate moving targets to your scenario training. The Robot will give you the option to train every scenario with live ammunition and as well with simunitions or airsoft.


Imagine a scenario like the one in the picture, before the assault team can make a safe entry into the compound we want to eliminate these guards. Of course we could let our snipers hit some static paper or 3D target, but with the Range Robot this could be a much more realistic and thus difficult scenario..

The system has been specifically developed to provide a target system which can be controlled to such a degree that the system simulates the actions of human targets at all combat ranges. Running, walking, turning, hiding, attacking and frustrating a shooter.

Some Benefits

  1.  Just 20% of traditional costs compared to other range target systems
  2.  A new level of realism in training
  3.  Fully mobile and transportable
  4.  Delivered as a complete solution with back-up systems
  5.  Simple to operate and maintain


  1.  Standard straight line 12 target practice at any distance
  2.  Multiple target movement
  3.  Shoot, no-shoot targets connected
  4.  Single tango incorporated in to multiple no-shoot mobile crowd
  5.  Swarming targets
  6.  Attacking targets
  7.  Pursuit training
  8.  Suicide bomber, moving in a crowd
  9.  And of course anything else you can come up with

Basic Information

Operation and scenario training for the Range Robot can be completed in 1 day. The robot is a robust armoured vehicle fitted with bullet proof wheels. Connected to the Range Robot is the Target Carrying System named the Range Slave. Range Robot is powered by 2 or 4, 12 volt batteries. With moderate use, the system will function up to 6 hours, which is perfect for longer scenarios. Battery change will only take you 1 minute.

The Range Robot system can completely replace a 1500 meter electronic range for 20% of the cost.

It will take just a few minutes to set up anywhere, looking after and maintaining the system is very simple and repairs can be carried out by non-technical personnel with some basic tools.


In my opinion the system offers a cost-effective solution to a problem most units have. Shooting moving targets and scenario based training with moving targets is much more difficult and thus a much more realistic way of training, for all operations, not just in a military setting.

For more information, please contact TBM at:

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By Mark van Riele

Mark served in the Dutch Army Special Forces unit “Korps Commando Troepen”, And he served in different units ranging from Diplomatic close protection to contractor work. He has his own blog called @arminius_tribe on Instagram

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