June 5, 2023

Spotter Up

In Depth Tactical Solutions

Sprints: Make sure you take the time to warmup properly. These are max effort. I’m not prescribing specific rest time in between because I want each effort to be 90-100% of each other. If your time falls below this, then increase your rest. Remember, this is about speed development, not smoking your ass. If you can’t run each at a maximal effort then we are just getting slower.

Squat/Pull-Ups: A1 and A2 means these are done as super sets. You’ll hit your first set of pull-ups after your first set of squats. As far as the last max effort squat set – this is max reps you can perform with TECHNICAL COMPETENCY. If you know form is gonna be questionable on the next rep, then your set is done.

Engine Builder: I typically use a purple band for the push-ups. Not prescribing a weight for the goblet squats because I don’t know your current strength level. Pick a weight you can do unbroken the first half of the workout, but never takes more than 2 sets. Go for broke on the row.

Let us know what you think. Tuesday will be primarily upper body strength focused.

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