Wed. Aug 12th, 2020

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In Depth Tactical Solutions

I was recently given the opportunity to review the Mantis X10 shooting aid system. As shipped to me, the Mantis comes in a small package that contains the device, a charging cable, a barrel adapter, and a Mantis X decal.

The Mantis is a small, battery operated, rechargeable device that attaches to a rifle, shotgun, handgun, or air soft gun of your choice, and through an app on a mobile phone, give you precise, in depth feedback on exactly what is going on before, during, and after each round that is fired. It is compatible with live fire, dry, fire, and CO2 powered air guns.

I wish to make it expressly clear that my experience with the Mantis is limited strictly to dry fire testing at this time; the results have been quite promising. In the app the user sets what weapon is being used and how the device is oriented; as well as what mode of fire is being used. There are numerous drills that can be ran through and feedback is given in the form of scoring and graphs that show weapon movement during each shot string.

Overall, the Mantis is an innovative, useful device that can help anyone from the avid shooter to somebody who only shoots on occasion improve their marksmanship. Mantis X will show where issues are occurring and give options to overcome those issues. However, the device does have a few limitations. The weapon being used must have a Picatinny rail, and while the Mantis does ship with an adapter, it did not fit the firearms in my collection. I used the Mantis on my H&K P30 SKS and my AR-15. The added bulk on my P30 prevented it from fitting properly in my Kydex holster when mounted, but the Mantis really shined on the AR-15.

Overall, the Mantis is a worthy investment and will be quite beneficial, but there are some shortcomings that need to be taken into account such as the need for a tactical rail, and how it can affect holster fitment.

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