Matt House

Matt started off as a fire explorer at the age of 14 and stepped up to firefighter at the 18. Throughout high school and college, it defined his life. He thought it was the adrenaline or the dance with danger that drew him to it for years, but now he's learned it’s not those things that define him. It’s his desire to help others, often times in the worst day of their life. In order to succeed with this calling he must be at his absolute best each and every day. This same principle applies to his day career as a foster care worker. Parents who have lost their children are going through the hardest moment in their lives and it is up to him to get them the help that they need to reunify with their children. He fully believes in conducting himself with integrity and committing totally to the mission at hand, whether it is standing in a court room advocating for a young child or breaching into a smoke filled structure.