Writing for SpotterUp has given me opportunities to review some really great products.  This review is one of those.  When I was asked if I was up to the task of reviewing a new product I said, “Of course I am!”.  I was told that I was being sent a handcuff pouch made by Kroko Tactical.  First thing I did was look into the company’s webpage.

Kroko Tactical is based out of Croatia and had been around since the 1960’s.  Starting out making high end leather products and then in the 1990’s moving into making products for the military and law enforcement.  I was impressed with their web page and products.  With their motto of “Research, Innovate, Develop, Enhance that’s our RIDE”, I was looking forward to receiving my handcuff pouch.

The review handcuff pouch was in Camouflage (also available in Desert and Black). My first thought after handling the handcuff pouch was just how light it was.  Kroko uses Cordura fabric in the manufacturing of its products.  I took an old duty handcuff pouch of mine and did a comparison between the two.  My old one was 3 5/8th oz and the Kroko weighed in at 2 5/8th oz.  When having to carry around weight on a belt or about your person every ounce counts.  The next thing to catch my eye was how Kroko keeps the flap closed over the handcuffs.  I am not a stranger to handcuff pouches.  Having been on the job since 1990 I have used handcuff pouches that were open topped, closed with a snap and closed with Velcro.  Instead of a button that is loud when opening and hard to re-snap or a loud Velcro noise when opening, the Kroko Tactical handcuff pouch uses a simple magnet to close and secure the pouch.  There is a tab on the case that keeps the pouch from accidentally being drawn upward until you want it to.  For an Officer at times removing handcuffs can set off a suspect, with being able to remove your handcuffs from your pouch making as little noise as possible is a great thing.

The handcuff pouch expands to accommodate different handcuffs.  Hinged ones or with a chain they all fit.  I tried an old pair of Smith and Wesson handcuffs, ASP handcuffs and a huge set of Hiatts handcuffs that I have.  All fit inside the handcuff pouch when you adjust the tension of the elastic string compress the pouch to hold the different sizes of handcuffs inside.


The pouch has MOLLE attachments to secure onto your vest, battle belt or even loop through your trouser belt.  The pouches overall small size makes it a great option if you carry cuffs plain clothes or off duty.  In reviewing the handcuff pouch I carried it on my belt and had it on my external plate carrier.  Withdrawing my cuffs, returning them and re-securing them wasn’t any issue once I practiced a couple times.


I just wish I could let you know how much the handcuff pouch costs. This is a new product that has yet to hit the market.  If your looking to replace your duty handcuff pouch or add one to your kit, keep Kroko Tactical in mind when looking!


  • Magnetic Buckle
  • Lightweight
  • Laser Cut Molle
  • Compression Straps
  • Fits Hinged and Chain Handcuffs


Cost:                Unknown: new product.

Comfort:          5/5

Durability:       5/5

Functionality:  5/5

Weight:            5/5

Total:               20/20


Overall Rating:  Excellent.  Highly recommended.  Really liked that magnetic closure!

The scale is defined as:

Poor/Unacceptable: Worse than expected, or desirable: of a low or inferior standard or quality.

Fair:  In conformity with reasonable expectations, but in comparison to competitors it may be deficient.

Average:  Common item; item neither lacks from or is superior than a competitors item.

Good:  The item is desirable and has qualities that excel in comparison to a competitors item.

Excellent:  Outstanding, possesses superior quality remarkably good.

Material Disclosure

I received this product as a courtesy from the manufacturer via Spotter Up so that I could test it and give my honest feedback.  I am not bound by any written, verbal, or implied contract to give this product a good review.  All opinions are my own and are based off my personal experience with the product.

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By dwh747

Holzinger has been on the job since 1990. His primary assignment is the patrol division where he has served as a Field Training Officer. He began his SWAT duties in 2000. Since then he has served as an entry operator, ballistic shield operator and sniper. He is currently the Sniper Team Leader with the South Suburban Emergency Response Team (SSERT) a multi – jurisdictional SWAT that covers over 30 suburban towns on the south side of Chicago, Illinois. Holzinger is a firearms instructor, Taser instructor and armor for his department. He is certified as a Master Firearms Instructor through the University of Illinois, Police Training Institute. He has attended numerous firearms instructor courses to include: pistol, shotgun, semi auto rifle, SMG, police sniper instructor as well as various NRA Instructor courses.

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