Whole foods, nutrient rich, organic, grass fed. All buzz words that are thrown around very loosely in the health and wellness industry. Over the past ten years I have tried the gamut of supplements, proteins and weight loss pills in an effort to control my health. I jumped at the opportunity to test several products from Ancestral Supplements.

What Are The Odds?

When I was asked to try their products, they were already on my radar. I was researching their brand and methods and serendipitously, this chance arose.

As I started their products, I was already on a roll with dialing in my eating habits and exercise regiment. I was sticking to a ketogenic meal plan with intermittent fasting and was concerned that I may be nutrient deficient. This concern stemmed from a drop in my energy levels that I noticed when I started the keto diet.

Give Me The Good Stuff!

All of the products that are offered by Ancestral Supplements come from nature. If you were to put together a wish list of what you want from your food, these supplements hit them:

The beef that these products are derived from are pasture raised in New Zealand, not some factory farm where the animal never actually gets to live.

The beef is grass fed and finished. They eat what they were created to eat. NOT CORN.

No hormones, pesticides or genetically modified organisms.

All of these little details make one big point. Quality is the aim here. There is a belief rooted at the heart of this company that I can get on board with.

“Putting back in what the modern World has left out.”

I firmly believe that the heart of the issue with Americans being so unhealthy is convenience. We used to have to walk twenty miles a day and harvest our food the same day we would eat it. Now, you can take care of all of your daily business (well maybe not THAT business) without getting out of your car. Convenience has been delivered in plethora while our overall health has dwindled away.

I started with three products. Beef Liver, Beef Organs and Beef Bone Marrow. They range from $38.00 to $44.00 dollars for a months supply which is far more affordable that a lot of other supplements. I did as they recommend and worked my way into taking the suggested daily dose. The danger in jumping into taking the daily dose right out of the gate is that you may detoxify. While detoxification is a really good sign that you’re on the right path, I didn’t want the side effects of headaches or flu like symptoms.

It should be noted that those detoxification symptoms only occur in ten or less percent of the population.

Full Dosage

After a week of weaning into the recommended dose, I started with the whole dose. Six pills a day, religiously. The only other supplement that I took during this experiment was fish oil. Fish oil was a part of regiment during the times where I felt low energy and lethargic. Having stuck to this regiment for over a month now, at the risk of sounding as if I’ve gone off the deep end, I am a believer. I get blood work annually, primarily because I get it for free. Long story short, a month after starting this, all of the bad stuff is down and all of my good stuff is up. I am far healthier for it.

Now, a big part of my success has been discipline in my eating habits and exercise practices. I still feel comfortable in saying that Ancestral Supplements has played a large role in how I feel. I have three areas where I’ve noticed marked improvement.

My Energy Levels

I don’t rely on coffee for sustained energy throughout the day now. I can successfully navigate my relatively stressful day without dependency on caffeine. Beyond that, getting into the weight room still excites me. It’s not that I feel obligated to get in and lift heavy stuff. I have the energy to still be excited about it.


Connective Tissue

I have had a nagging soft tissue elbow injury that was most likely do to inflammation. Whenever I would deadlift or bench press, it would be aggravated. It didn’t matter if I was pulling or pushing, it would bother me. I have not felt that injury in the last three weeks (I was taking notes) and I have stayed with my regiment. Oddly, I have noticed that I feel more flexible. This has enabled far more ankle and hip mobility, an area that I was lacking (shout out to Steve Schween!). A lower back injury that I have had forever hasn’t been cured, but has been significantly reduced as I have increased my hip mobility.


Historically speaking, I have been the person who is sore two days after lifting. This can be annoying when you are targeting different muscle groups but using muscles that you have previously targeted. I have noticed a shift to feeling more sore the day after a lift than in the subsequent days. I like that feeling a lot. It means that you are recovering faster and it offers the more immediate reward of soreness, which lets you know that you did something.


I will share one last health benefit and then we can talk about what it is that these supplements offer that could be making a difference. I’ve had pneumonia three times as an adult. I am prone to sinus infections and colds. One usually begets the other. Working in a school where most everybody is getting sick and having no signs or symptoms myself has been nothing shy of amazing. I don’t have a metric for this except to say that I am pretty confident that the vitamins, minerals and nutrients offered here in large quantities has made a difference.

What Is In Them?

There are a number of nutrients found in these supplements. Many of them are commonly attributed with restoring youthfulness, healthy skin and teeth. You could break down the content of these supplements and determine that the CoQ10, Heme Iron, Vitamin B12 and Collagen are likely responsible for the majority of the positive results that I have experienced. I choose to think differently. I believe that my experience has been a result of ALL of the nutrients working together as they were intended to.

Go Back To Our Roots!

You see, when we were tribes of people who hunted, gathered and scavenged, we didn’t spear an elk, carve out the back strap and leave the rest of it. We ate everything. From the tip of the antler to the end of the tail, nothing was wasted. We ate bone marrow, heart, liver, all of it. It’s how we were made. It’s how we lived.


Our ancestors had brutal survival instincts. I think when you hear the terms beast, animal or savage used with a positive connotation, there is something that speaks to us at a primal level. That’s where we came from. I often think that if early man could see us now, pulling up to a drive through and ordering a burger, they would laugh at us. That’s not how food is supposed to be attained and not the optimal nutrition.

Wrapping Up

Nutrition has a tendency to be over thought and over complicated. Your body thrives when it is properly fed and supplemented. That’s the gist of it. To try to wrangle up all of the nutrient value within the supplements at your local health food store would cost just shy of a fortune and a lot of time. Fortunately for us, Ancestral Supplements has simplified the process and done their part to try to give us back a little bit of our health and a larger part of our heritage.

Let’s Rate It!

Value: 5/5

Quality: 5/5

Recovery: 5/5

Energy: 4.5/5

Restoration: 5/5

Overall: 4.9/5

Check Out Ancestral Supplements’ Full Product Line Up Here:

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By Bill Farmer

Bill Farmer is a 12 year law enforcement veteran He is a defensive tactics, tactical driving and active shooter instructor. Bill has worked in school resource, violent crimes, plain clothes and patrol assignments. Bill is an avid outdoorsman, backpacker, hunter and shooter.

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