Scottsdale, AZ, U.S. – (September 20, 2023) KOR Technik, known for inventing and patenting the revolutionary protection solution Vacuum Rigidizing Structure (VRS®), today announced a technology partnership with Zarges USA. Zarges’ aluminum cases, renowned for offering superior performance features in aluminum transit cases, integrated with KOR Technik VRS protection panels, represent the latest evolution in reusable packaging for transporting objects.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with the iconic Zarges brand and develop a system that is infinitely customizable,” stated G.P. Searle, founder of KOR Technik and inventor of VRS technology. “Zarges USA represents the epitome of shipping and storage perfection, and knowing our partnership will deliver even more benefits to end-users is truly rewarding.”

According to Vice President and General Manager of Zarges USA, Olaf Klutke, “One case for countless missions is a reality with the KOR VRS system. Thanks to this innovative technology, we immediately recognized our customers would benefit from the ability to reconfigure their Zarges case for virtually anything they need to transport. Plus, VRS safeguards cargo better than foam by keeping your contents secure from turbulence during transportation,” he said.

“Collaborating with Zarges USA is a win-win for those who already understand the advantages of shipping valuable objects in the robust aluminum Zarges cases,” said Searle. “Combining our KOR VRS interior with the outer protection of Zarges aluminum cases delivers a reliable and repeatable protection solution that lasts a lifetime and is significantly more environmentally sustainable than traditional synthetic cases with foam inserts. Ready for new cargo in mere minutes, our VRS panels replace traditional foam, making Zarges cases universally reusable, lighter-weight, and more cost-effective for end-users,” he added.

The strategic collaboration between KOR Technik and Zarges USA launches with three Zarges K470 flagship cases equipped with KOR VRS panels.

• K470-568

• K470-031

• K470-686

Zarges Aluminum Case Equipped with KOR Technik VRS Protection Solution


• Robust, high-quality aluminum
• Welded frames with solid-riveted panels
• Stainless steel hinges and hardware
• Designed to meet MIL-STD-810
• Water and dustproof, inside and out


• 50% Lighter than plastic cases
• 70% Lighter than roadie cases


• VRS system is infinitely customizable
• Reconfigure for different cargo in any environment
• 3X Increase in interior volume compared to foam


• VRS safeguards by molding and conforming to cargo
• VRS limits lateral/vertical movement of contents in transit
• VRS provides superior reduction of impact and vibration


• Zarges Case with VRS System is recyclable
• VRS Saves storage space
• No production waste
• VRS Eliminates custom-cut and degrading foam
• No need for consumable packaging materials


• VRS exterior constructed with MIL-Spec textile
• VRS surface is non-abrasive and easy to clean
• VRS does not retain water, oil, or other contaminants
• VRS is thermally stable and tested from -10° to +120° F

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