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Generation 3.0 Wilder Evolution Series Universal Pistol Mag Pouch

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This year HolsterOps started carrying Wilder Tactical’s excellent hard nylon composite pistol magazine pouch that is as versatile as it is tough.  If you are looking for a solution to your practice, EDC, competition or tactical pistol magazine retention and deployment this may be the answer. It is the Generation 3.0 Wilder Evolution Series universal magazine pouch.


I’ve been using this pouch over a six-month period in a variety of situations from casual practice to duty use.  It has never left me wanting and I found it so useful I went and bought a second one.  I ran 1911, double stacked 1911, M92 Beretta, S&W M&P 9mm Shield, Glock 19/17 & 43 mags with the carrier without issue.  Your only hiccup is if the mag is smaller than six rounds.


The Generation 3.0 Wilder Evolution pistol magazine pouch is a clamshell approach to stowing your pistol mags on your person.  What differentiates it the most from many magazine carriers is this pouch works as well with single stacks as it does with double.  It features a slightly oversized opening that facilitates inserting the magazine.  Retention is provided by an easily adjustable black shock cord.


Safariland’s 744BL clip works as well with a belt as it does with Molle and is much harder to get off than get on which can be a little frustrating, but this pouch is never coming off when you don’t want to.  Personally, that’s much more preferable for me than a pouch that occasionally (or even rarely) comes off mid stage or mid drill.  The pouch is also compatible with Safariland’s ELS 34/35 fork system though I think that’s a bit of overkill when it comes to belt footprint.

The pouch is available in black and a coyote brown.  Sometimes my OCD gets the best of me.  My only whine is I wish they did a better job of color coordinating the shock cord which always comes in black.

Everyone really needs to have one or two of these.  They are easy to attach if you have to quickly bump up your basic load.  When taking an impromptu trip to the range and want to vary from your pocket carry mag to a belt mounted option it’s there.  It also works with a variety of mags so for those of us that shoot a variety of pistols having a versatile spare pouch is a real plus and cuts down on the amount of gun specific gear one has to haul to the range.

This is also a must for those of us that take others who are less prepared with us on range trips.  As an instructor it’s been a lifesaver helping a student safely and effectively train.  It also exposes them to quality kit they might not experiment with otherwise.   The same applies if you take friends or family shooting.  I found it to my advantage because I didn’t have to dumb down drills or round counts because my partner isn’t as well prepared as I.

Do like I did, pick up two!

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