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By now you have probably heard about or seen videos of some form, showing a convertible weapon system. One which keeps a set upper receiver, lower receiver and most of the related components, and allows for a swap of barrels, bolts and magazines; resulting in a new caliber, and often a substantially different weapon.

You might have seen it, but we have waited to tell you about it since meeting the guys of Frontier Tactical at SHOT 2017.  Our conversations started way prior to SHOT Show, and it was a fortunate coincidence that this event allowed our introduction to Nate and Kim.

Personally, I am glad that theirs was the first system of its kind I have seen, because off the bet, I’ve seen the best.  You don’t have to take my word for it.

On the range the system functioned flawlessly, and dozens of video reviews you will find do justice to detailed instructions and demonstrate the working of the patented War Lock Multiple Caliber System.

The War Lock is a creation of Frontier’s founder Nate Love.  After some kick ass tours as an infantry grunt in the Army, Nate continued his passion for firearms and making America great by doing a few private contracts.

His job description focused on weapons maintenance, training, and expertise.

The idea came up in one of those “why not” moments which see so many great ideas come alive.  Nate is one of those guys who gives and gives.  I don’t know how many times he asked me “have you done…” or “have you been at… or spoke to.”

He continues to give back to the veteran community through a unique consortium of Anteris Alliance.  The basic functional approach of the War Lock Multi Caliber System translates into a personable and understandable explanation Nate and Kim deliver.

But it’s not my place to sell you on the guys who came up with one of the coolest tools for the AR since collapsible stock.  It’s actually Gary’s.

Gary O’Neal is the brand ambassador for Frontier Tactical, and if you haven’t heard of him before now, put away the paper mache and meet Google.  Better yet, stand by for our book report on Gary’s “American Warrior.”

The fact that this Ranger Hall of Fame inductee and a pioneer in his own right endorses the War Lock means that its outstanding even if you don’t know anything else about it.

The War Lock Multiple Caliber System by Frontier Tactical is just the tip when it comes to the potential offered by the design and engineering gurus of this veteran-owned, Florida-based company.

It enables enhanced application of the AR platform in recreational and operational environments, and can be found at frontiertactical.

Additional information on Anteris Alliance, can be found at here










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