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Federal Range Day Focuses on Industry Innovators

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On June 9, 2017, ADS, Inc. will hold its annual Federal Range Day at Trijicon’s own Crucible Training Center in Fredericksburg, VA. Over the last twenty years, ADS, Inc. has grown from a small, military diver-specific supply company in Virginia Beach to a sophisticated provider of DoD, military, law enforcement, and first-responder equipment for all phases of an operation. Federal Range Day is a live fire event hosted by Trijicon and ADS, Inc.

Each year, this FREE event brings federal customers and suppliers together for a day of networking, training, and test and evaluation of products in a secure hassle-free environment. Qualified attendees will not only see some great weapons and training companies’ demonstrations at the range but they’ll also get the opportunity to see 100+ other vendors spread throughout the event.

Federal Range Day wouldn’t be called Range Day without a range! With protective eye wear and a valid government ID, attendees can try out any of the five ranges hosted by the following firearms and tactical equipment companies.

Range 1 – Trijicon

Trijicon has been a provider of sighting systems to the military, including special operations forces, law enforcement, and hunters since 1981. Real reviews from real people have put Trijicon as one of top in the industry. Trijicon puts value in end-user feedback and adjusts fire to produce exactly what they want to shoot. Magnified, reflex, and image intensifiers have been developed for a variety of weapon systems from individual pistols, service/patrol rifles, precision rifles, to crew-served machineguns. On June 9th from 0930 to 1130, Trijicon will be highlighting its RMR or Ruggedized Miniature Reflex sight and offering hands-on training to anyone interested. Also at Range 1, attendees can try their hand at a friendly shooting competition taking place from 1130 to 1230.


SIG SAUER is a legendary company that specializes in high-end tactical pistols, rifles, and suppressors. On Range 2, attendees can try out a wide variety of SIG SAUER pistols. Recently, their P320 model was selected by the U.S. Army to replace the M9 service pistol currently in use since the mid-1980’s.

“Released in 2014, the P320 is a polymer striker-fired pistol that has proven itself in both the United States and worldwide markets. The P320 is the first modular pistol with interchangeable grip modules that can also be adjusted in frame size and caliber by the operator.”From SIG SAUER’s website.

Range 3 – Force on Force and Vertx

Force on Force is a provider of equipment and tactical training for military or federal customers “to train in live-action, reality-based scenarios” they specialize in high-quality Man Marker Round (MMR) ammunition, or simunition rounds, as well as protective equipment. Industry experts on force on force type training programs and devices note it can be significantly superior to traditional firearms as participants take the training seriously when the bad guys shoot back! Don’t miss it!

Vertx is a popular supplier of quality tactical apparel, including outerwear, backpacks, and concealment bags among public safety professionals and military personnel. Their clothing items are offered in variety of colors, including multicam, and the bags come in various styles, such as rifle carry, range, commuter, and concealed-carry bags.

The two companies together will provide an opportunity for attendees to experience drawing and engaging a target with a training Glock from one of the Vertx concealment carry bags, under the supervision of Force on Force instructors.

Range 4 –Daniel Defense

Daniel Defense is an entrepreneurial company noted by industry for its substantial growth due to demand for their high-quality weapons systems. They specialize in AR-based weapon systems in 5.56mm, 7.62x51mm (since 2015) and 300BLK. They have created their own rail system, handguards, barrels, and even suppressors. Beginning in 2001 by making a flat-top upper for the AR platform, and the Sling Loop that gave a new option for sling use, Daniel Defense became one of the fastest growing companies in the U.S.. Range 4 will demonstrate various models of the reliable, high quality rifles they are known for in military and law-enforcement circles.

Range 5 – Cadex Defence

Cadex Defence, a Canadian company based in Quebec, builds armored vehicles as well as long-range precision rifles for civilian, military, and law enforcement markets alike. Their weapon systems come in multiple calibers to include 50 BMG, and are suitable for anti-personnel or anti-materiel engagement. Cadex representatives will live-fire their CDX model precision rifles and are available to discuss their company, which is relatively new to the US market.

While still on the subject of noteworthy exhibits, ADS, Inc. is sponsoring a drone and counter-drone event. Don’t miss out on the flying demos and the cutting-edge solutions to the real world challenge these ubiquitous vehicles create.

ADS, Inc.’s in-depth online catalog has many product classes such as Operational Clothing and Individual Equipment (OCIE), Medical, Combat Support Equipment, C4ISR, Weapons & Optics and much more.  The home base building will house dozens upon dozens of these innovative product classes for attendees to get their hands on. There will be a lot to see, touch and experience up close. Here are just a few of them:

Mat Bock: Provides military equipment including Night Vision accessories, medical stretchers, Search and Rescue (S&R) tools and revolutionary equipment to serve our military not seen in other markets. Their sturdy R-Lift stretcher deploys in seconds and weighs only 6.5 lbs with a maximum carrying load of 400 lbs.

Angel Armor: Angel Armor produces some of the most ingenious ballistic armor on the market with their ability to stack, feathery light plates through magnets and have it collectively protect against advanced handgun, rifle, and stab attacks. They call it their Magnetic Plate System.

PSI: Physical Sciences Inc (PSI) provides technology solutions and innovative products to government and commercial customers. Their InstantEye® drone is a high-performance, low-cost aerial system that can be hand-launched, flown and hand-recovered by a single person in any weather. As small, tactical unmanned aerial systems go, this is one to pay attention to as it is responsiveness unlike any other UAV in its class.

Cardiac Science: Their public access defibrillation programs are ideal solutions for military bases with busy public areas such as hospitals, clinics, housing, barracks, and commissaries. Take a look at their AEDs, pads, batteries and more.

L-3 INSIGHT: L-3 Warrior Systems is a world leader in the development and production of advanced night vision and electro-optical technology and systems for the U.S. Military, Federal Agencies, Public Safety, and international markets. Users can maneuver, see, locate, target and fire in adverse weather day or night.

S&S Precision: S&S Precision continues to impress users as they develop and manufacture ingenious tactical gear. Their rigid, modular, minimalistic plate carrier is unlike any other on the market and so are their FRAG Grenade Trigger pouches and compass NAV boards which are functional, lightweight and durable.

First Spear: Their modern load carriage and personal protection technology are engineered to function as stand-alone items or interactively as a fighting system. Their USN Maritime or Siege-R Optimized plate carriers, for example, are slim, lightweight, and anatomically sound for comfort and use with optimal armor.

NOMAD: Nomad Global Communication Solutions provides custom engineered specialty vehicles and communication platforms and designed and engineered to provide interoperable communications via mobile access to voice, video and data services over cellular, radio and satellite systems. Their Nomad TCV is scalable, versatile and adaptable to C4ISR operations.

The important role of securing products for organizations, particularly those that have power to legitimize use of force, must be taken seriously as the end-user’s life and other’s depends on the equipment being utilized. The depth of offerings at Federal Range Day is going to be interesting for those looking to secure the best deals for products and services it purchases for their organization.

This event is sure to bring a diverse group of professionals together within some very synergistic industries. Don’t miss out!

ADS Federal Range Day is at Trijicon’s Crucible Training Facility in Fredericksburg on Friday, June 9 from 9am – 2pm.  The drone and counter-drone demonstration start time is 9 am.

  • Registration is free and on-site.
  • Lunch and refreshments will be provided.
  • All personnel MUST complete and sign a waiver before entering the range.
  • Eye and hearing protection will be mandatory. ADS will be supplying hearing protection.
  • No open toe shoes or sandals.

For more information, visit ADSinc.com.[ Link to ADS, Inc, Range Day Event page ]

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