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Factory Triggers vs Custom Triggers? Make your case!

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These days it seems like literally EVERYONE has the answer to your stock firearm. Not to mention a laundry list of complaints. More than I can recall, I seem to read about triggers. Everything from “crunchy” to “dragging” to God only knows what. Every gun god in the world seems to have all of the answers to correct the firearm that the manufacturer deemed sale-worthy. Do I have a counterpoint? Why, yes I do.

Although triggers may be made to look awesome and indeed significantly up the performance of what would otherwise be a standard firearm, there remains a vast level of places where this simply is not an option. Most law enforcement agencies will not allow personnel to modify their duty weapons, leaving that factory trigger in place. Guess what? DEAL WITH IT!!

You had damned well better learn to operate that weapon with the garbage trigger the maker thoughtlessly crammed in there – not taking into account that boxes of bullets you may have to sling at the zombie horde.

Personally I feel the same way about many mechanical modifications as I do about other upgrades. Worth it? You bet your ass. So long as your SKILL matches the money spent. You may not have the luxury of always having a heavily modified race pistol always at your disposal. Better hope you trained that stock trigger to the best of your ability.

Think of it this way: put it in the same category as your iron sights. Sure, lots of people race out and drop a fancy sight or scope on their weapon as fast as they can afford to. But – do they really have good cause? Or do we go back and reread “Tacticool” again? *Sigh*

If you’re not shooting 3 Gun or some other form of competition where speed is a measured factor…spend the money on TRAINING. Here come the comments about that extra .023 seconds that could save your life in a gunfight. From people that have NEVER been in one and likely never will. I’m not saying not make the mods. I’m saying to make the mods once your are FULLY COMPETENT to use them effectively.

Note that here at Crisis Application Group, we base our curriculum more on “grey matter investment” than measuring barrels. Making sure that your mind and body are trained equally to the task of the sexiest weapons.

Now…make your argument!

Check out our friends at Cagmain The Crisis Application Group, or C.A.G. is a private group that consists of professionals and law-abiding citizens committed to self-defense and self-reliance. Their mission is to foster a mature network of proactive, training oriented adults and sponsor dialog across their national and international network.

Founded by retired and active duty Special Forces veterans the C.A.G. provides high quality educational content to their membership.

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