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The Fang: High Speed Shooting Stabilizer

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When I was in Afghanistan, it was common to have to maintain a low profile while exposing yourself to engage the enemy. Usually this meant that we would either expose ourselves around corners, or set the rifle on top of a wall. Either way, we ended up presenting a higher profile that made us into easier targets without realizing it.

Wouldn’t it been nice to have something that can give good stability while shooting at ranged targets without compromising on exposure or time to stabilize and respond? Well that is what the “Fang” shooting stabilizer offers. It was designed and is manufactured by a veteran who understands the needs of maintaining a steady sight picture while offering the shooter good support against pretty much any barrier.


The Fang is made of a Fiber reinforced Nylon that is injection molded into a mold to create the desired shape. The material is very similar to the polymer frames found in many modern pistol designs, making it lightweight and very durable. They even claim that the materials used allow you to do your own custom texturing, coloring, or engraving if you should wish to do so. The Fang has sharp edges to give it incredible purchase on the cover you wish to utilize it on.


The design of the Fang shooting stabilizer allows it to serve in countless positions. You can brace your rifle from the side, on top of, and up against cover from virtually any angle you wish. I like to use the Fang to act as an index for offsetting the muzzle from cover in order to prevent hitting your own cover.

I have observed that the Fang is very effective as a shooting stabilizer with little to no effort. It latches onto the barrier/cover effectively with the sharp corners, which keeps it in place fairly well under recoil. Even having only one corner on your cover is enough to grab a secure hold for a well aimed shot.

What I found right away is that a simple touch on my cover was all I needed for a steady shot. The Fang also allows you to lean into it and put as much pressure as you need against it. Even with this pressure, the sharp corners allows a secure hold while pivoting and turning. In my opinion, the closer to the muzzle that the shooting stabilizer sits, the more stable your shot will be. This allows you to concentrate on your shot more, and less on establishing a steady platform around cover. All you need to do is put the Fang on your cover and take your shot.


Materials– 5/5

For the purpose of the product, the Long-fiber Glass Filled Nylon gives the product the best combination of light weight and durability.

Design– 4/5

I like how the design incorporates sharp corners to grab cover, and is suited to grab and hold on most barriers. The one thing I think would make this product a step up would be adding tiny sharp pyramids on the front of the shooting stabilizer for better grab on the front.

Durability– 4/5

The Fang is very tough, and I have not yet chipped a corner, but the materials are not invincible. However, I feel like the current construction offers the best weight and durability unless you intend to brace your weapon against a running table saw. I will definitely say that you should not be afraid to abuse this product and use it with force. After all, it was designed to be USED.

Function– 5/5

When I first looked at the product, I thought it would work with mediocre results. When I actually used it, I started to wish I had one of these long ago. This can help anyone of any skill level get faster and more accurate from behind cover.

Cost/Warranty– 3/5

The Fang shooting stabilizer can be had for about $45 and is covered for a lifetime against manufacturers defects and premature wear such as chips. I personally think that this product is going to last a while and if you get one to break, you get a new one.

Overall Rating– 21/25


The opinions and observations about the above product are my own. I am not bound by any written, verbal, or implied contract to give this product a positive review.



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