The idea of having wireless Bluetooth headphones is not a new concept, but there is room for growth. Decibullz is a unique company that is striving to offer the best custom molded earplugs on the market for a reasonable amount. Their Bluetooth earphones are just another example of the quality that they offer in their lineup of audio products.


The Decibullz Bluetooth product is centered around their custom earplug design, which is inherently modular to other Decibullz products. Every one of their products comes standard with moldable earplugs that you can mold and remold as many times as you wish. During my testing, I used the earplugs that came with one of their other products. This saved me time on the molding process, even though it is only a 10 minute process to go through.

The wireless Bluetooth design that Decibullz uses is basically what you see with some other Bluetooth designs. The earplugs are connected by a single wire that hosts two small rectangular boxes with one of them being what I call the control box.

This control box is where you have the three controls where you can adjust volume with the outer two buttons and then control power,connection, and selection with the middle button. It is very simple and the individual buttons are low profile with little raised, rubberized symbols. The volume controls are the plus and minus symbols while the middle button is the Decibullz symbol.

Personally, I think the controls are perfect for what they are supposed to do. They are easy to find and it is very easy to use the buttons as it takes little pressure to use them.

The control box is also where you will plug in a micro-USB for charging, and on the opposite side, there is an indicator light that will indicate the status of the Bluetooth system.

The Instruction manual goes into much greater detail about how the indicator light works.


The box that the Wireless Bluetooth Headphones comes in is pretty big for what you are getting. Though, it does look like they used the space very well on the inside. The inside is very neat, and makes you feel like you are getting a very expensive and classy product. The box even uses a little magnet to keep it closed. I must say that their box presentation gets an A++.

In the box, you get your moldable earplugs, three plug sizes(2 each), the Bluetooth system, a little carrying case, an instruction manual, and a little round cord holder for taking up the slack on your Bluetooth cord.


First thing you will want to do is to follow the little instruction booklet on how to mold your earplugs. It is very clear, and they are kind enough to include pictures into it and break it down step by step for you.

As I stated earlier, I already have my own earplugs from another one of their products, so I was ready to move onto the next part.

Setting up and connecting your Decibullz Wireless Bluetooth is a breeze and takes little effort. Basically, as the instructions will tell you, you merely hold down the middle button until a female voice says”power on” followed by a few tones. If you have already connected the Bluetooth to your phone or other device, the female voice will simply say you are connected. The instructions are simple to follow and the setup is very quick.


I used this product as much as possible for over a month. I used it around the house, while driving, during workouts, etc. I found that the cord is right on the edge of being too long. I feel that taking off 2-4 inches would make the cord length perfect. I can’t say it actually interfered with anything while I was using it, but it felt like there was too much slack, but not enough to use the little piece provided to take up the slack.

The volume on this product was just right for phone calls and was easy to adjust, but I typically like to have a higher volume when listening to music or videos. In a quiet environment, the volume is fine, but when you are working out, driving, or in a noisy area, only the phone calls seem to have the necessary volume for full articulation.

There was a few time when I was working out where the music was interrupted for a split second. This happened when the two rectangular boxes were bumped or squeezed. It doesn’t stop the product from working but there is a notable pause. Other than this, the product works quite well and with good reliability.



The design is very simple and easy to use. Though, I hope that they continue to upgrade the design and I would love to see them continue to streamline it.


The product seems to hold up very well, but I noticed that the product is slightly sensitive to being bumped.


The product is easy to use, but I feel like the product should be able to play music and videos a little louder. After all, who doesn’t like to beat their eardrums with their favorite jam during a workout?


The warranty on all Decibullz products are for one year from the date of purchase. I feel like this is a bad deal when you consider the price and the fact that electronics get more finicky as time goes on. Though, if you make it past your first year, the product should last a good amount of time, depending on how you use it.

VALUE– 3/5

For roughly $120, I feel that this product and everything you are getting with it may be a bit expensive for what it is, though similar products that offer less are falling in the same price range.

OVERALL– 15/25

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