May 27, 2022

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Arrowhead Tactical Apparel Carrier Joggers Mk.II

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Arrowhead Tactical Apparel Carrier Joggers Mk.II

Arrowhead Tactical Apparel™ has recently released the second generation of its popular Carrier Joggers, branded as the “Mk.II” by the company. The Carrier Joggers Mk.II feature a number of enhancements to the original design that make the pants even better suited to concealed carry than before.

A little background is in order. Arrowhead Tactical Apparel was founded by five friends who share a common goal: to redefine urban readiness through purposeful apparel that is designed to support concealed carry for an active lifestyle. As with many of us, they experienced the frustrating lack of effective concealed carry options for comfortable and athletic clothing. They decided to address this shortcoming themselves. As the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention.

Arrowhead Tactical Apparel Carrier Joggers Mk.II are the second generation of the company’s popular Carrier Joggers. They feature a number of enhancements to the original design

Arrowhead Tactical Apparel offers a variety of stylish concealed carry apparel options for athletic and casual wear. The “Carrier” line of concealed carry clothing has comprised the bulk of the company’s products since the beginning. Truly innovative, they were designed from the ground up to combine the comfort of athletic wear with the functionality of tactical clothing. The Carrier line currently consists of Carrier Shorts, Carrier Sweatpants, and of course, the recently released Carrier Joggers Mk.II which are the focus of this review.

The company has also added its Standoff Concealment Hoodie to the lineup. Although it isn’t designed to support the weight or otherwise hold a firearm like the Carrier line, it’s a great layering garment to wear in conjunction with a Carrier product to conceal your firearm. It features an internally buttoned pass-through hand pocket that unbuttons silently for access to a holstered handgun, enabling the wearer to draw preemptive in complete concealment if anticipating a likely threat.

On the surface, the Arrowhead Head Tactical Apparel line of concealed carry apparel doesn’t appear any different than standard athletic clothing. It doesn’t look out of place anywhere athletic apparel would be worn. However, looks can be deceiving. These garments are purpose-built for concealed carry. They are designed to provide an unprecedented EDC experience without sacrificing the wearer’s comfort.

Carrier Line

The Carrier line is designed to offer the best of both the tactical and athletic worlds, ensuring you’re comfortably prepared at all times. It lets you carry your gun in your own holster while maintaining the draw position from which you have practiced so many times, checking boxes for both efficiency and safety.

To understand how the Carrier line accomplishes this, we must first start with the shortcomings of common athletic wear. It’s designed for comfort but not to carry a lot of weight. A traditional elastic waistband does not safely support an IWB holster and loaded firearm during rigorous motion without the firearm bouncing, swinging and possibly even detaching from the wearer’s waist.

Although the Carrier line features elasticized waists with adjustable drawstrings (similar to conventional athletic apparel), they also have a simple but ingenious difference. The secret to the Carrier line is a patented Carrier Retention Waistband, which is designed to support a holstered handgun — from compact to full-sized. So, just how does it work?

The Carrier Retention Waistband supplements the elastic waistband and drawstrings mentioned above by adding a proprietary 1.5-inch-wide nylon retention belt. This belt is threaded through belt loops inside the waistband and is fully concealed from view when worn. According to Arrowhead Tactical Apparel, the defining feature of the Rapid Clasp Retention Belt is that it “offers a slight horizontal elasticity while maintaining torsional rigidity.”

The secret to the Arrowhead Tactical Apparel Carrier line is a patented Carrier Retention Waistband, which is designed to support a compact to full-sized holstered handgun. Updated Retention Belt provides increased support and has improved magnetic clasp.

This means the waistband is slightly stretchy side to side but solid up and down, allowing your firearm to flex with your body during motion while ensuring that the holstered handgun does not become unstable. The belt features a low-profile metal buckle that is secured magnetically and by tension when worn. The belt buckle is smooth and causes no discomfort when it sits against the body. The belt is fully adjustable to accommodate a wide range of waist (and firearm) sizes.

The Rapid Clasp Retention Belt is threaded through extended belt loops on the inside of the waistband. The extended belt loops minimize belt-to-body contact while preserving ease of belt installation or removal. The belt is completely concealed from view when worn.

Belt installation is quick and straightforward — just flip down the waistband, thread the belt through the loops upside-down, and flip the waistband back upright. Then simply adjust the buckle to your desired tension. That’s it! If you need any more guidance, they have a tutorial on their YouTube page.

Unlike belly bands, girdles, or other harness-based contraptions, this system feels totally natural to anyone who is used to wearing a belt. Simplicity of design wins. All Carrier products may be worn without the belt, but it must be installed to safely carry a handgun.

Selecting the right holster is also essential for both safety and comfort. An IWB holster with 1.5- to 1.75-inch holster clips is recommended for best results. The wearer can affix these clips over the entire waistband or directly to the inner belt, depending on preference. The belt supports all waist-mounted carry positions, though the internalized belt design doesn’t support OWB holsters. You can use the system to carry reloads, flashlights, handcuffs and other EDC components.

Arrowhead Tactical Apparel Carrier Joggers Mk.II have six pockets. Hand pockets can easily carry large smartphone. Hip utility pockets provide quick access storage for knives and tools. YKK-zippered rear pockets have magazine pouches that fits standard pistol magazines.

Carrier Joggers Mk.II

Let’s start with what makes joggers different from sweatpants. Sweatpants are traditionally loose-fitting garments that tend to be made of a heavy, heat-retentive material. An emphasis on comfort typically comes at the expense of style or suitability for high-mobility exercise.

By contrast, joggers are multi-purpose athletic garments that offer excellent mobility and a more formal look. They’re usually more stylish and sportier than sweatpants, and their fitted design makes them more versatile than sweatpants. Joggers are (arguably) suitably stylish for a casual night around town, opening the design up to a wider range of acceptable use cases.

Arrowhead Tactical Apparel Carrier Joggers have all of the functionality of tactical pants without appearing as such. They’re built for everyday use and feature multiple low-profile pockets that are strategically placed to hold your daily loadout without looking like cargo pants. In my experience, these products don’t draw any unwanted attention or give away that you might be armed.

The Carrier Joggers have six pockets. There are two hand pockets that are big enough to hold a large smartphone. There are two hip utility pockets that provide quick access storage for knives and other small tools. There are also two zippered rear pockets for secure item storage. The pockets lay flat against the body without creating undesirable bulk.

The zippers on the second-generation Carrier Joggers have been upgraded with genuine YKK® zippers for superior dependability and quality. An easy-to-grasp rubberized zipper pull provides quick and reliable access to each pocket’s contents.

I make it a practice of carrying a spare magazine or two in case a malfunction occurs or additional ammo is necessary. Although it may seem convenient to simply toss a loose magazine in a pocket, that’s not a good plan. Unsecured, the magazine can easily snag, dump rounds or lose its orientation, which can make it difficult to access quickly in a fast-moving, high-stress environment.

Arrowhead Tactical Apparel Carrier Joggers Mk.II are made of breathable cotton / polyester blended fabric. They have durable polyester knee paneling and feature reinforced internals seams. They have an athletic fit with tapered legs with elastic ankle cuff.

To solve this problem, each of the zippered rear pockets on the Carrier Joggers features an internal pouch designed to hold a backup magazine. The pouches are now larger than they were with the first generation. Each magazine pouch is elasticized and fits most single-stack and double-stack magazines in common calibers. The pouch keeps the magazine upright and indexed for rapid reloads.

Comfort and breathability are paramount with any athletic or leisure wear. So too is durability. With this in mind, the Carrier Joggers are constructed of breathable 43% cotton / 57% polyester fabric, with durable polyester knee paneling. Internal seams have been reinforced on the latest version for increased toughness and durability.

The Carrier Joggers are designed to offer a full range of motion. They feature a slim, athletic design with tapered legs and elasticized ankles that provide a tapered, tailored look without compromising mobility. Sizing has been revised for increased comfort.

The Rapid Clasp Retention Belt has been updated, too. The new belt provides increased support and also features an improved magnetic clasp. The setup out of the box is designed for comfort and support, and it provides the wearer with nearly unlimited choice of guns, holster, positioning, and orientation.

Each pair of Carrier Joggers also features a discrete rubberized Arrowhead Tactical Apparel logo and side stripe on the left leg in the same color as the fabric. It’s a nice touch that reflects the overall attention to detail that Arrowhead Tactical Apparel put into designing products that are not only functional but also attractive. The Carrier Joggers Mk.II lack the 2×3-inch hook-and-loop morale patch field that was on the right inseam on the original joggers.

The Carrier Joggers are a unisex design. They come in sizes that will comfortably fit both men and women. The company is also developing a women’s line of products.’

Summing Up

The Carrier Jogger is an impressive athleisure garment. It’s built with premium quality materials and exhibits excellent design and construction. In my opinion, they look pretty stylish, too. I have worn the Carrier Jogger during vigorous physical training, as well as during errands around town and have absolutely no complaints. The belt offers the right blend of flex and support to keep my holstered firearm comfortable, safe, stable and secure in all manner of activities.

The Carrier Joggers Mk.II have a MSRP of $99.99. They are available in your choice of Midnight Black or Carbon Grey colors, and I’ve been told there are more colors on the way for later this year. Arrowhead Tactical Apparel stands behind the quality of its products. The company offers a 14-day (from date of delivery) return or exchange option for any out-of-box manufacturer defects, improper fitment, or incorrect fulfillment of the product ordered (terms apply, as always).


Arrowhead Tactical Apparel

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Photos courtesy Arrowhead Tactical Apparel.

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